Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grounded Artventures!

Sometimes being grounded is not all that bad as I found out today.

My artventures began with these ladies who were taken down to get their monthly dusting. LOL! Hey, I work hard and prefer to make art on my days off. LOL!

Our Lady of Guadalupe has stood on this box off and on for years. This was an exchange I received at the stamp store about, um, 7 years ago?!!! Shame shame. I had no idea there was a little treasure inside! All these years I thought it was a beautifully collaged empty box. Until today when something nudged me to try to take off the lid. "OH-MY" went my heart. This little wrapped book stared at me.

I unwrapped the red ribbon and an accordion book opened to reveal faces and collaged images. I could not believe this sat waiting for me in the box all these years. I remember receiving this trade from Danita who temporarily left Los Angeles for D.C., Maryland or Virginia where her husband was to begin working at The Smithsonian. I think. It's been a very long time!

How many more years would have gone by had I not become curious while dusting?!

To be grounded need not be boring. It can bring about visually appealing space, unearth found art or bring much needed quiet time. I experienced all three today as my car sat in the driveway preventing me to get away. It's missing an important part which is required in order for me to drive off. A blessing in disguise, as my friend Ramon would say.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't this a wonderful development!

Bea said...

How wonderful. What a great little book. :)Bea

~jolene said...

Buried treasure!

marianne said...

ahh what a wonderful story!!!
unexpected finds makes dusting worth while ;)

gayle said...

What a lovely find!!! Is Danita back in LA?