Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sciatica Artventures

Rainy days and Mondays "OFF" never get me down!

Along with rain comes rain drops!

To make me feel better I went through my stash of buttons and other lost objects.

Below is a test strip of Brilliance Inks against black. My future project involves black and some kind of "pop" in the way of color.

I just love the colors and collage works of Lynne Perrella. One or more of these images will find their way into my project.

I've been nursing wacky and painful sensations that run from my booty down to my calf. LOL! Well, at least I can laugh about it. Instead of stressing over it, I challenged the pain to a little art session. The weather was right - rainy, and I pulled out some of my nearby stash. Very cost effective! Not what the doctor ordered but just what my muse insisted I do to make me feel a little better. God I love her!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope she takes good care of you as you take good care of her.

Bea said...

Sounds like a pinched nerve. Watch how you are sitting, starting doing something you hadn't done before or for a long time? Well, stop it.
I love seeing an art table full of things that are going to be used.
I see you guys are getting way to much rain now. You be careful of mud slides. :)Bea

soulbrush said...

oh no, from the shoulder to the butt. take it easy, mind you art always does the trick. hugs to you, miss you round bloggyland.