Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tsunami ARTventures

My inner Alice told me to jump down the rabbit hole so I did; paint brush in one hand, glue stick in another. And what a trip it was!

A tag book was created with lots of fiber goodness spilling out at the edges. "A Walk Through Wonderland" features pages with vintage reproductions from the earliest color illustrations from The Alice in Wonderland books. A couple stamped images can also be found.

Background pages are all painted and distressed with acrylic paints. This workshop is taking place next week at Stampin' From the Heart in Los Angeles. See my sidebar to find their blog and find details for this class. Hope I see you!

Art tsunami. A good thing? Well, rather than being scary, it was actually fun.

Book tsunami. A very scary thing cause guess who has to put it all back together again?

A walk outside always calms me down. Despite the powdery mildew, Polynesian Sunset has been blooming brilliant hues of red-orange roses with yellow centers.

My Cecile Brunner climbing rose has been bursting with tiny but heavy fragrant roses. This rose comes back strong year after year and seems to be disease resistant for me.

How did it come to be that I agreed to host another book fair during the time of year when I actually sneak in a little peace and extra oxygen simultaneously? WHY did I NOT remember that this fair would be held at the same time I'd be working like a mad woman trying to get a sample for the shop and preparing kits for my "A Walk Through Wonderland" tag book workshop? Does it make any sense to ask these questions anyway? At this point I just gotta go with the flow. And so what if the flow feels like a tsunami. A tsunami of books and art can't be all that bad, can it? sigh.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco Delights

The day has turned into night in balmy Los Angeles but before midnight comes and the 5th of May leaves me, I wanted to share "Cinco Delights" with you.


Love guacamole. The bell pepper snuck in for the photo shoot!

Pan dulce. Sweet Mexican bread. Not really sweet at all. But delicious.

A single white rose. Pure but not perfect. Look closely and you'll see imperfections deep within the petals.

Sigh. Nothing beats the comforts of being home.