Monday, July 25, 2011

Every Inchie Monday

Nest is the chosen word this week at Every Inchie Monday.

Wherever your're "nest - ing" be content in it and be grateful that you have somewhere to "be."    

Monday, July 18, 2011

Inchie Monday

Can you smell the pages?

The word prompt this week at the Every Inchie Monday site is "BOOKS."  How convenient and lucky for me to be surrounded by them the majority of the school year.  This is my summer reading stack.

My summer reading stack holds a variety of titles that include biographies, fiction and history.  
The covers of these inchies were all created from the pages of discarded book catalogs and one of these inchies has an old borrower's book card as a background.  A few of the titles and images are mixed-up on purpose except for two.  Each inchie was then glued onto EcoArtBoard which was the perfect surface to create the dimensional look of a book.  "Spines" were painted with acrylic paint.  Which reminds me.... NEVER use acrylic paint on your
books boys and girls unless you're altering a DISCARDED book.  There's NO way I could ever explain my way out of this to my students.  What would they think of me?!!!!  I can just hear them..."MRS. FORREST IS DOING WHAT TO BOOKS?!  OOOOO,  MRS. FORREST!" 
So what's on your reading stack and have you turned any of the pages?   

Monday, July 11, 2011

Asian Infused Memory Keepsake

Just thought I'd give you another look at the Asian Infused Memory Keepsake Workshop that I'll be leading this coming Sat., July 16 at Stampin' From the Heart.

By adding pictures, you'll be personalizing your keepsake making it super-special.  These "pages" fold down revealing more pictures from your past or present.

We'll spend time doing a little painting, stamping, embossing and embellishing of this very unique keepsake.  Oh, and there will be lots of smiles and happy sighs - a good time is guaranteed.   

I do a lot of prep work to ensure that  you'll leave with a completed project.  You can get more info by clicking on Stampin' From the Heart's icon to the right of my sidebar or by e-mailing me.  
I just showed you glimpses of the inside of the Asian Infused Memory Keepsake.  Scroll down to see the cover.
Hope you'll come out to play!  


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Workshop Coming, Stay Tuned...

Coming Saturday, July 16 in Los Angeles at Stampin From the Heart...  No, not that "thing" the media has dubbed as "Carmageddon" - what does the media know about all those side streets we street savvy Angelenos have known about for years anyway?!  You know, those roads we zip through in order to get home pronto during rush hour traffic so we can get our fingers all inky, painty and gluey!  Uh huh, that's what I thought.  NADA, NOTHING, ZAP!  Rev it up LOUD people, get your engines ready cause there's an art workshop coming to L.A. and it's just what you need to get your art mojo going!
This is just a sneak peak.  I do a  lot of prep work so please sign up as early as possible.  
More sneaks to come throughout the week.  Keep looking...stay tuned....later.....