Monday, May 30, 2011

Inchie Monday Plus

Every Inchie Monday's word is Home, where you can find me most days.  I don't know if this qualifies.  I just noticed how "Birdie's" beak sticks a little off to the left.  Do you think the inchie police will call me on it? 
Birdie's home was created from a small piece of stripped down cardboard that I later painted with turquoise paint.  I'd been wanting to do something with recycled cardboard that shows off it's corrugated gut and since birds create their homes from just about anything, I thought "why not?"
In honor of Memorial Day I took the camera out to capture flowers from my garden that represent the red, white and blue of our flag.  But as you can see not in that order.  My blue Lily of the Nile (agapanthus) stands tall and salutes all you vets.  
My white Lily of the Nile shares the spotlight in the same agapanthus patch as the blue.  As they all begin to open they remind me of little fireworks.
My Mister Lincoln red roses have begun to open and show off their beautiful full blossoms. They send heavy perfume throughout the garden that calls the bees.  They love it and so do I.  When the bees are elsewhere.
A long weekend means time well spent in my art room where I can catch up with projects or just play.  That is, when my chair is available.  
And just when I thought my chair was up for grabs, well, I guess someone else thought so to and beat me to it.
Throughout the battle for the chair, I did manage to create a little something.  It's another tiny peak of what's to come in the Extravaganza.  If you'd like to sign up for this day of artful play, food and good company, go to the sidebar on my blog where it says "Stampin From the Heart" and all the info you need is there waiting for you.
It's been a busy weekend filled with art deadlines and trying to keep up with myself.  Sometime today I plan on squeezing in some rest.  For now it's off to my parents and the grill.   Ciao! 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Project X (travaganza)!

Psst.  Wanna see a smidgen of my Extravaganza project?

Umm.  I don't know.  It's been the norm NOT to tell anyone what kind of projects will be taking place during the Extravaganza.  You know, the element of surprise I suppose.  But yet, ugh.  What am I supposed to say to those who ask "What are you doing for the Extravaganza?"  Sigh.
Well, Karen didn't say we couldn't show you what we were using.  I won't show you everything and if she asks you "Did Linda tell you what she's preparing for the Extravaganza" just say no.  Because I honestly haven't told you a thing.  But I will let you take a peak. 
I've been working like a mad woman trying to gather all my supplies and get organized.  Just look at the bags under my eyes.  I think I got 4 hours of sleep last night but that's what happens when I'm on a roll.  I just keep going till my eyelids give out.  
We'll be incorporating the elements below onto the project I'm preparing for you.  I'm trying to do everything early so I can be full of energy for you on June 4.  That's the day of the Extravaganza at Stampin' From the Heart.  What!  You haven't signed up yet?!!
I had to run into the shop today to pick up a few things I was running low on.  This is just an eighth of what will be used for this project.  I can't show you ALL of it!  Be patient.  I may show you a little more down the road but this is it for now.
If you sign up for the Extravaganza, or have done so already, bring a few photo copies of pics that you will be cutting down to fit within areas of 1 1/2 x 1 1/2, 1 x 1 1/2 and 2 x 1 5/8.  Wallet pics sized down to these dimensions work great.  And how many of those do you have hanging around anyway?  Now you can do something with them - like really show them off! 
Stay tuned for more sneaky-sneaks of Project X.  Remember, this is just an eighth of what we'll be using.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird and Wacky Wednesday Confession

When I was a little girl, can't remember what age, I licked an ashtray and thought it tasted good.  So I licked it again.  I can imagine what you're thinking but I think most confessions will do that to the listener's mind. 

I was taken back to that memory as I sipped a cup of coffee from the faculty room this morning.  They must make it extra strong for several good reasons.  I can think of four.  Tots, youngsters, tweens and teens.  Anyway, it had a strange resemblance to the taste of ashes and well, oddly enough, I drank every drop.  Do you think I have a vitamin deficiency? 
 Do you have a weird and wacky Wednesday confession?  Or am I alone? 

Monday, May 23, 2011


Solitude is the word prompt for today's inchie. 

I used one of my smallest rubber stamps for this inchie.  I decided that this solitary man is fishing, not hunting.  He just hasn't thrown his fishing line out yet.  Seriously.
Hope you find solitude during the rush of the days ahead.   

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Sightings

Do you believe that creative chaos can actually be organized?  I do.  It is.  Really.

This Sunday afternoon is the kind that makes you want to just slumber and soak in the random sun rays. 
Yves Piaget, I love you.  Especially when I'm sitting at the patio table and the wind blows your old-fashioned perfumy scent in my direction.
Am I the only one with a decorative weed sprouting from an opened bag of planting soil?  I thought so.
I pruned Whisky Mac in April because it was diseased with black spot and mold.  It's starting to take off with beautiful full heads of fruity fragrant petals but that darn disease is creeping back onto the leaves.  I'm putting the blame on the weather conditions.  Cool, windy, and misty.
It's evident I'll be moving some bulbs around in fall.  These pink Calla Lillies are hugging right up to my American Beauty roses.  They compliment each other but they really need their own space.   
Peace never looked so good.  This rose has had it's ups and downs but when it gives me a bloom I'm grateful to have resisted pulling it out. 
I think I'll join Tiny.  Although that creative chaotic table could use a little attention. 
Hope your Sunday sightings are enjoyable and that you take time for a Sunday slumber.

Monday, May 16, 2011

This is my inchie for the everyinchiemonday group.  The word "fancy" was the challenge this week and this is my interpretation.  Click on the image to get a closer look. 
Hope you have a good Monday and if you can, make it a fancy one! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Stroll

This morning I decided to take a Sunday stroll through my backyard.  Cecile Brunner is doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much.  I love her pink frills and I can smell her five feet away!  Heaven.
I was happily surprised by the vibrant and subtle blooms I encountered.  This bright garnet geranium left my hands with a sweet peppery scent.  Love it!
Well this is a first for me.  A two-headed Bird of Paradise!  Nevertheless, the colors are vibrant and beautiful.  This plant made itself home by sneaking under the fence.  It's other half is in my neighbor's yard!
This pink ivy geranium took off from a cutting that originated from my grandmother's garden.  My mother took a cutting during the early 60's, planted it in her yard and it took off.  Three decades later, I took a cutting and here it is.  I plan on passing cuttings to my son and daughter.    
I love the vibrant red blossoms that dangle in this drab corner.  My Bottle Brush tree is in full bloom and very soon I will have the needle-like droppings to prove it!
My Martha Washington geranium is loving this spot.  I took a cutting from the school's garden patch last summer, stuck it in the ground and watered her until she took hold of the dirt.  Mother Nature did the rest and it helped to have lots of rain this winter.
"Old Faithful" keeps coming back year after year.  I wish my other hydrangeas were as strong as she is.  She bloomed earlier than usual this year and I'm hoping to enjoy these Lace Cap blooms a little longer.
My sniffy, runny nose is now paying the price for the Sunday stroll I took earlier today but it was so worth it. 
Hope you have something pretty to look at today and if not, look in the mirror.  Don't laugh.  LOL!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring Break

I hadn't planned on being away so long.  In fact, I hadn't planned on being away at all.  But, the spring bug bit me and spring hadn't sprung yet.  You could say I had a bad case of "pre-spring" fever that flowed into spring.  It was really bad.

Poor Momma Cat tried her best to pull me out of the "fever" by doing silly things that were actually subtle reminders that I had a "to-do" list that I had better get to right away - like sewing new curtains for "our" art room. 
Even Frida's gaze couldn't scare me into getting those much needed projects started or finished.  I looked to the Virgin for help but I was taken by the beautiful colors and images surrounding her to forget about the help I meant to ask her for. 
I felt like "chess boy" trying to figure out what move to make. 
And then one day while trying to clear my desk area, my fever began to drift away.
The projects began to unfold.  It no longer seemed to matter that my hours at work were cut.  I began to look at less hours at work to mean more hours in my art space.  What was I thinking?! 
So here I am again.  Slowly making my way back to the world of paper, paint, stamps and words.  And  hoping you're still here to read them.