Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Stroll

This morning I decided to take a Sunday stroll through my backyard.  Cecile Brunner is doing just fine and dandy, thank you very much.  I love her pink frills and I can smell her five feet away!  Heaven.
I was happily surprised by the vibrant and subtle blooms I encountered.  This bright garnet geranium left my hands with a sweet peppery scent.  Love it!
Well this is a first for me.  A two-headed Bird of Paradise!  Nevertheless, the colors are vibrant and beautiful.  This plant made itself home by sneaking under the fence.  It's other half is in my neighbor's yard!
This pink ivy geranium took off from a cutting that originated from my grandmother's garden.  My mother took a cutting during the early 60's, planted it in her yard and it took off.  Three decades later, I took a cutting and here it is.  I plan on passing cuttings to my son and daughter.    
I love the vibrant red blossoms that dangle in this drab corner.  My Bottle Brush tree is in full bloom and very soon I will have the needle-like droppings to prove it!
My Martha Washington geranium is loving this spot.  I took a cutting from the school's garden patch last summer, stuck it in the ground and watered her until she took hold of the dirt.  Mother Nature did the rest and it helped to have lots of rain this winter.
"Old Faithful" keeps coming back year after year.  I wish my other hydrangeas were as strong as she is.  She bloomed earlier than usual this year and I'm hoping to enjoy these Lace Cap blooms a little longer.
My sniffy, runny nose is now paying the price for the Sunday stroll I took earlier today but it was so worth it. 
Hope you have something pretty to look at today and if not, look in the mirror.  Don't laugh.  LOL!!!

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