Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Sightings

Do you believe that creative chaos can actually be organized?  I do.  It is.  Really.

This Sunday afternoon is the kind that makes you want to just slumber and soak in the random sun rays. 
Yves Piaget, I love you.  Especially when I'm sitting at the patio table and the wind blows your old-fashioned perfumy scent in my direction.
Am I the only one with a decorative weed sprouting from an opened bag of planting soil?  I thought so.
I pruned Whisky Mac in April because it was diseased with black spot and mold.  It's starting to take off with beautiful full heads of fruity fragrant petals but that darn disease is creeping back onto the leaves.  I'm putting the blame on the weather conditions.  Cool, windy, and misty.
It's evident I'll be moving some bulbs around in fall.  These pink Calla Lillies are hugging right up to my American Beauty roses.  They compliment each other but they really need their own space.   
Peace never looked so good.  This rose has had it's ups and downs but when it gives me a bloom I'm grateful to have resisted pulling it out. 
I think I'll join Tiny.  Although that creative chaotic table could use a little attention. 
Hope your Sunday sightings are enjoyable and that you take time for a Sunday slumber.

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