Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retro-Visionary Page

I wasn't working and I was taking the bus back and forth to school.

It was during those long bus rides that I began to notice those quaint living quarters that sat on top of stores and shops.  I would occasionally catch someone ducking out the side entrance with the mysterious door or gate that led tenants in and out.  That's where I wanted to be.  Then Paul McCartney came out with a song about a girl getting ready for work, living alone, yada-yada, and I KNEW that's where I HAD to be.  Forget that the girl in the song was alone and sad.  I wanted the apartment and independence she had and somehow I imagined it sitting above a business!
When I finally got a job, then a car, then an apartment, my dream of living above a store, bakery, etc., went out the window.  Instead, I found a cute little place that was not in a typical apartment building.  I had a job and I had my independence.  I guess that was good enough for me and it was fun.  But whenever I'm a passenger in a car and we drive past apartments that sit up above a business, I find myself stretching my neck to get a glimpse of life above and wonder.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Happiness

Saturday afternoon was spent in an inviting backyard.

My eyes immediately fell to the ground.

Various critters were sprinkled throughout the yard.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  A perfect day for a book signing hosted by my friend Ellie for her cousin, Susan Eastman.  Everyone seems color coordinated! 

Susan Eastman (left) is author of The Hull with It, a memoir.  Her friend Pam is seated next to her and handled the business part of the book signing.  I felt much at ease when I met these two.  It seemed as if I'd already known them.  After reading Susan's memoir about growing up in a beach town, I could see similar threads from our childhood although mine was spent in the asphalt jungle!

Being in Ellie's backyard made me realize that I need to rescue my abandoned garden!  But first, my allergies must abandon my body.  Itchy eyes and a congested head have me staying indoors these days.

Cheery Tam couldn't wait to sit down and start reading Susan's memoirs!

Oh look!  I missed a critter.  When I knelt down to take his photo, I couldn't help but think of Charlotte's Web because guess what was attached to his snout?  Uh huh, a web.  Very cute.

Speaking of cute, here she is...the hostess with the mostess...Ellie!  Can you see the similarities between her and her cousin Susan?  Thanks for a wonderful Saturday afternoon, roomie!  We were roommates once.  But that's another story. 

What a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.  My little cupcake.  How could something so little bring me so much joy?  She has her first head cold but still managed to give "Grandma" a big smile.  sigh.
Thanks to Ellie and my kids for making this past weekend a happy one.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retro-Visionary Journal Artventures

Flower Power....The British Invasion....Groovy....Psychedelic...It's all part of the Retro-Visionary Journal theme.

But the retro era wasn't just about words or music.  It was also a simpler way of life.  We didn't have to go too far to have fun.  If we weren't at the park, we were in the backyard playing whatever we could think of.  It didn't cost money for us to have fun.  We got creative and used our imagination, if we didn't have the equipment.  We never thought to ask our parents for material things cause it wasn't important.
Well, actually there was something I never hesitated to ask for.  The Betsy McCall paper doll page from the McCall's magazine was always mine.  My love of paper dolls was re-ignited when I began to create altered tags featuring art dolls.
My mother's face below is featured on this tag which is a part of my Retro-Visionary Journal.  I wrote about her on the back side and I'll share it with you one day.   

Here is a sampling of the discarded books I salvaged which have several colorful pages with that vintage retro look.  You know the one - quirky designs with wild colors that POP.  All original and waiting for you! 

Please let Stampin' From the Heart know if you'd like to take this workshop.  There's a lot of prep work on my part in order to make this experience a smooth one for you.  You won't be disappointed and it's a journal that you can continue to add pages to in the future.
Art Dolls, and journaling, and retro-vintage pages.  OH MY!