Saturday, March 10, 2012

Retro-Visionary Journal Artventures

Flower Power....The British Invasion....Groovy....Psychedelic...It's all part of the Retro-Visionary Journal theme.

But the retro era wasn't just about words or music.  It was also a simpler way of life.  We didn't have to go too far to have fun.  If we weren't at the park, we were in the backyard playing whatever we could think of.  It didn't cost money for us to have fun.  We got creative and used our imagination, if we didn't have the equipment.  We never thought to ask our parents for material things cause it wasn't important.
Well, actually there was something I never hesitated to ask for.  The Betsy McCall paper doll page from the McCall's magazine was always mine.  My love of paper dolls was re-ignited when I began to create altered tags featuring art dolls.
My mother's face below is featured on this tag which is a part of my Retro-Visionary Journal.  I wrote about her on the back side and I'll share it with you one day.   

Here is a sampling of the discarded books I salvaged which have several colorful pages with that vintage retro look.  You know the one - quirky designs with wild colors that POP.  All original and waiting for you! 

Please let Stampin' From the Heart know if you'd like to take this workshop.  There's a lot of prep work on my part in order to make this experience a smooth one for you.  You won't be disappointed and it's a journal that you can continue to add pages to in the future.
Art Dolls, and journaling, and retro-vintage pages.  OH MY!  


soulbrush said...

I love the one with your mom's face. And I wish I could fly over on magic carpet- I would be there in a trice!

Jolene said...

FINALLY I have time at the computer again...and I found your new post!

You know for a fact I have been a BIG FAN of your art for YEARS now!

So great to see you are still working your retro magic Mija!!!

peace & love!