Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retro-Visionary Page

I wasn't working and I was taking the bus back and forth to school.

It was during those long bus rides that I began to notice those quaint living quarters that sat on top of stores and shops.  I would occasionally catch someone ducking out the side entrance with the mysterious door or gate that led tenants in and out.  That's where I wanted to be.  Then Paul McCartney came out with a song about a girl getting ready for work, living alone, yada-yada, and I KNEW that's where I HAD to be.  Forget that the girl in the song was alone and sad.  I wanted the apartment and independence she had and somehow I imagined it sitting above a business!
When I finally got a job, then a car, then an apartment, my dream of living above a store, bakery, etc., went out the window.  Instead, I found a cute little place that was not in a typical apartment building.  I had a job and I had my independence.  I guess that was good enough for me and it was fun.  But whenever I'm a passenger in a car and we drive past apartments that sit up above a business, I find myself stretching my neck to get a glimpse of life above and wonder.

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What a delightful post this is, sigh.