Sunday, April 1, 2012

Where ONE Woman Creates


I did a little cleaning late last night into the wee hours of the morning but you probably can't tell.  Blame it on Diet Dr. Pepper.  Each time I'm tempted to have a "cold one" - in my case, Dr. Pepper or Coke, I pay the price of "Eyes-Opened-Wide- Syndrome."  I made the not so wise choice of having both yesterday afternoon.
Vacuum, check.  Throw/clean-out bags, check.  You die-hard crafters KNOW about those bags. Clean off desk, sorta check.  Organize Extravaganza items, BIG CHECK.  Dust, check later.  
As I took the BEFORE pictured I wondered, "Do I really want to show the world what the room of where one woman creates looks like?" Then a question I was once asked came back to me.  I think the occasion was Easter and we had a house full.  One of my nieces brought her then boyfriend over and when he looked into my art room he immediately asked with excitement "Who's the artist?!"  I was flattered.  No one had ever referred to me as an artist and he clearly saw something.  So I quietly said "me."  A big grin went across his face and he continued to admire all the paints, paper, fun junk, etc and he seemed excited to be surrounded by all the creative clutter.  As I loosened up I showed him some of my art stuff and we talked about visual journaling and altered art.  He was impressed;  I was a little embarrassed as I was still trying to get used to this "artist" thing.  He was a nice kid and wanted to be a chef.  He loved to cook and we talked about different cooking schools.  He was creative in his own kind of way so maybe that's why he could sense that someone else was creative in her own kind of way.   Alex is no longer with us as he unfortunately fell victim to violence two years ago.  But I will always remember his comment and be grateful to him for noticing that room as one which belonged to an artist, me, one woman who creates.

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Lynn said...

It's hard to impossible for artists to be NEAT I piles and "messes" are intrigral to my art making and that is just the way it is. I try from time to time to reduce and organize clutter. But it never lasts long at all.