Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artventurous Spirit!

Knowing that I have two weeks left to enjoy sleeping in and not worrying about deadlines, fundraisers, overdue books, comfortable shoes and clean clothes (haha), healthy lunch and a tank of gas (ugh!) has me trying to squeeze in as much carefree time as possible.
My summer journal is still just that - a summer journal.  Wondering where my journal spirit went is beyond me.  But I'm trying.  Honest.  I'm thinking that if I wear my journal, I may actually get motivated to make entries while at work, appts., etc.  I remember seeing a journal necklace somewhere and thinking that was a cool idea but the book was very narrow and short.  I have a little notebook on a chain that I bought several years ago that I could turn into wearable art.  Hmmm.  
These sisters must be seeing the same thing I'm seeing -  Back-to-School!  This is the cover of my summer journal.  It was a gift from my blog pal Jolene a few years ago and it's become my summer journal.  Which I can't believe is almost over. 
Hope you have a carefree day filled with an artventurous spirit!


Song Related ATCs

I grew up with a radio planted next to my ear bed.  This is before alarms were built into them and well, before there were FM stations.  I remember turning up the knob when a song that was easy to dance to or when something with catchy lyrics and a good beat would play.
When I was challenged to create a few ATCs with "Songs"  being the theme, I immediately knew that this was something I could relate to.  And although I enjoyed my AM radio music, I guess the early sounds of FM are buried within the noodles of my brain cause they apparently influenced a couple of my cards.  It also helps to have images that SCREAM a tune. 
If you can correctly guess the song titles that go with the above ATCs, e-mail me with your answers.  If more than one person guesses correctly, your names will go into a drawing and I'll send the winner three music themed ATCs.  But not these cards cause they're going to London.  E-mail me at with your guesses and and good luck!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Yummy Artventures

My daughter came home from work bearing a box of one dozen doughnuts.  Can you tell I was tempted before dinner?  I began to feel guilty about it but then I read the writing on the box and I forgave myself and moved on.
I obviously can't keep two donuts in my hand while making art, but a tasty donut brings me happiness and happiness makes me productive.  And believe me, I need to stay focused and productive because I am scheduled for a calendar workshop beginning in two weeks.  What a delicious way to motivate possibilities.  Yum.   

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Artventurous Summer Daze

What's summer without my Bella Donna lilies?  Plain and simple - boring!  This summer they've taken off like crazy growing in between roses and filling in blank areas.
Every summer my Bella Donna's bloom from mid July though late August but I get a little bummed cause I only get a few to admire.  But not this year!  Each time I turn around I'm catching another lily popping out the ground!
I was recently challenged by fellow blogger, Joss, to create a series of ATCs.  Last year we went all out and pumped out an entire alphabet of verbs. Our cards had a lot of action going on!  This year we decided to make up themes of our choice for one another.  Black, Red and White is one of the themes she challenged me to and since red paint was conveniently sitting on the table, I jumped to the occasion and began to work on my first set of ATCs.
Fortunately for me, everything I needed to embellish the red painted cards came at me from everywhere.  And it seems that in little time my first set of ATCs were complete.  I think I did a good job of incorporating the color pallet Joss requested. 

It's NEVER too early for Halloween!
I owe my color pallet to "Miss February" who will be one of the Calendar Girls for my upcoming calendar workshop.  I'm doing some serious all-nighters cause I gots to get a few samples into the shop pronto!
Hope your summer is keeping you in an artful daze!