Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artventurous Spirit!

Knowing that I have two weeks left to enjoy sleeping in and not worrying about deadlines, fundraisers, overdue books, comfortable shoes and clean clothes (haha), healthy lunch and a tank of gas (ugh!) has me trying to squeeze in as much carefree time as possible.
My summer journal is still just that - a summer journal.  Wondering where my journal spirit went is beyond me.  But I'm trying.  Honest.  I'm thinking that if I wear my journal, I may actually get motivated to make entries while at work, appts., etc.  I remember seeing a journal necklace somewhere and thinking that was a cool idea but the book was very narrow and short.  I have a little notebook on a chain that I bought several years ago that I could turn into wearable art.  Hmmm.  
These sisters must be seeing the same thing I'm seeing -  Back-to-School!  This is the cover of my summer journal.  It was a gift from my blog pal Jolene a few years ago and it's become my summer journal.  Which I can't believe is almost over. 
Hope you have a carefree day filled with an artventurous spirit!


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Bea said...

My journal ebbs and flows it seems to have it's own cycle. When I work in it I really work in it and when I don't I don't think about it. And, yes, the summer has flown by. I always KNEW it was short that's why I have my 20 summers philosophy but this seems really short this year. sigh :)Bea