Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Song Related ATCs

I grew up with a radio planted next to my ear bed.  This is before alarms were built into them and well, before there were FM stations.  I remember turning up the knob when a song that was easy to dance to or when something with catchy lyrics and a good beat would play.
When I was challenged to create a few ATCs with "Songs"  being the theme, I immediately knew that this was something I could relate to.  And although I enjoyed my AM radio music, I guess the early sounds of FM are buried within the noodles of my brain cause they apparently influenced a couple of my cards.  It also helps to have images that SCREAM a tune. 
If you can correctly guess the song titles that go with the above ATCs, e-mail me with your answers.  If more than one person guesses correctly, your names will go into a drawing and I'll send the winner three music themed ATCs.  But not these cards cause they're going to London.  E-mail me at with your guesses and and good luck!



soulbrush said...

well thank goodness i don't have to guess them in order to get them- they are fabadabadoolishus and i haven't got a clue, although my radio was next to my bed 24/7 too. useless aren't I??? yahoooo for me, little ole me....

Bea said...

I love the cards. I'll pass on the song titles, I can barely remember what I just read. :)Bea