Monday, August 9, 2010

Yummy Artventures

My daughter came home from work bearing a box of one dozen doughnuts.  Can you tell I was tempted before dinner?  I began to feel guilty about it but then I read the writing on the box and I forgave myself and moved on.
I obviously can't keep two donuts in my hand while making art, but a tasty donut brings me happiness and happiness makes me productive.  And believe me, I need to stay focused and productive because I am scheduled for a calendar workshop beginning in two weeks.  What a delicious way to motivate possibilities.  Yum.   


soulbrush said...

oooh what's a calendar workshop? went back to look at my red whites and blacks again- clicked to enlarge and i love all of them, is that your sweet face?
word veri: cat wee (hilarious)

soulbrush said...

was gonna say that donuts do not turn me on whatsoever, but give me fresh cream cakes, icecream or sticky toffees, and then watch me salivate!!