Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Happiness

Saturday afternoon was spent in an inviting backyard.

My eyes immediately fell to the ground.

Various critters were sprinkled throughout the yard.

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon.  A perfect day for a book signing hosted by my friend Ellie for her cousin, Susan Eastman.  Everyone seems color coordinated! 

Susan Eastman (left) is author of The Hull with It, a memoir.  Her friend Pam is seated next to her and handled the business part of the book signing.  I felt much at ease when I met these two.  It seemed as if I'd already known them.  After reading Susan's memoir about growing up in a beach town, I could see similar threads from our childhood although mine was spent in the asphalt jungle!

Being in Ellie's backyard made me realize that I need to rescue my abandoned garden!  But first, my allergies must abandon my body.  Itchy eyes and a congested head have me staying indoors these days.

Cheery Tam couldn't wait to sit down and start reading Susan's memoirs!

Oh look!  I missed a critter.  When I knelt down to take his photo, I couldn't help but think of Charlotte's Web because guess what was attached to his snout?  Uh huh, a web.  Very cute.

Speaking of cute, here she is...the hostess with the mostess...Ellie!  Can you see the similarities between her and her cousin Susan?  Thanks for a wonderful Saturday afternoon, roomie!  We were roommates once.  But that's another story. 

What a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.  My little cupcake.  How could something so little bring me so much joy?  She has her first head cold but still managed to give "Grandma" a big smile.  sigh.
Thanks to Ellie and my kids for making this past weekend a happy one.

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soulbrush said...

What a simple exquisite garden!
Aaawwwww, I am totally smitten adn in love with your little cupcake- what a truly adorable poopsie pie she is. Give her a HUGE smooch from Grandie Joss across the sea!