Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Scout

 An Art Scout's motto is to always be prepared!
I recently scored foam brushes and bottles of paint at a sale and honest that's all I planned to buy.  But when you're an Art Scout you gotta be ahead of the game and be ready for future crafty delights.  At least that's how this Art Scout sees it.
I think my friend Roxy is an Art Scout cause look at the cool notepad she gifted me for my birthday!  I wasted no time in jotting down crazy ideas for the next Holiday Boutique and themes for upcoming workshops.   
One idea that I immediately jotted down was "A Blue Christmas" workshop which was inspired by my love of blue.  Another idea was a pink, red, and berrylicious valentines make-it-take-it evening which is scheduled for next month. 
Speaking of "blue," how do you like my darling hen?  She was a Christmas gift from Christina.  I love it's vintage charm and she's got my name tattooed on her neck!  She's a gangsta chicken!!!  Sandra, a very talented artist from Texas, stitched and painted her up.  Love it!
Are you an Art Scout and what are you preparing for?
Go make some art and remember to Trust Your Crazy Ideas.  

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soulbrush said...

wow a whole new stash!