Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird and Wacky Wednesday Confession

When I was a little girl, can't remember what age, I licked an ashtray and thought it tasted good.  So I licked it again.  I can imagine what you're thinking but I think most confessions will do that to the listener's mind. 

I was taken back to that memory as I sipped a cup of coffee from the faculty room this morning.  They must make it extra strong for several good reasons.  I can think of four.  Tots, youngsters, tweens and teens.  Anyway, it had a strange resemblance to the taste of ashes and well, oddly enough, I drank every drop.  Do you think I have a vitamin deficiency? 
 Do you have a weird and wacky Wednesday confession?  Or am I alone? 

1 comment:

soulbrush said...

I turn my face away for a few days and wham, you have posted so are wierd and whacky and that's why I love you!