Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heartfelt Artventures

This heart greets me each time I walk up the steps to my front door.

And as I was leaving the house today this raggedy heart said good-bye and good luck.

The raggedy heart said good luck to me because this is where I'll be standing post for the next 8 days. Yes, it's that time of the year again. The long awaited book fair that I get constantly asked about throughout the school year by the little rug rats.

Oh yeah, this is where the action happens! Right here at the "cashier's" desk. Would you look at all those lovely novelty items? THIS is where the rug rats wave their dollar bills at me. LOL!!!

Only during a quiet moment can I see what the book fair is really all about. All that unpacking, rearranging and making room for tables and book cases is worth the effort when you hear the excited sounds and see the ear to ear smiles of pint sized humans!

What's old is new again. So what else is new? LOL!!

It'll be a few days before Curious George and all the other regulars who are typically in full view can come out again. For now they're hiding behind tall metal book cases filled with the latest titles Scholastics has to offer young minds.

You gotta love what you're doing when you go to work on Sunday and you don't have to be there. Well, I don't hate my job and it's safe to say that I like it a lot. Love? I love the long periods of time I get off. The pay isn't that great. But it's wonderful when the kiddies you once read stories to come back to visit when they're in high school or college. I guess it's OK to say I love that part of my job too. Some of them even come back to the book fair and buy stuff. Hmm. I guess I love that too. LOL! Yeah OK, so I suppose I love my job after typing all that. How many of you get to see young adults who you didn't raise come back to visit you year after year and listen to them reminisce on how they remember you reading them this or that or what kind of books they used to buy during the book fair? It's a pretty good darn feeling, fo sho. You even start to say silly things when you work around youngsters. Like fo sho which I have no idea what the spelling is like. It's all phonetic with me. Whatever, the book fair is here! Pray for me!!!! And how about those hearts looking at me as I leave and come home?!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an appropriate send off of hearts for a lady that loves her job. I would too if I had people come in and tell me they remembered me from way back. Actually I did one year as a Cub Scout Leader and I had one boy tell me years later how he enjoyed the pack. I kept them busy for sure. It is a good feeling. Have fun with the book fair.

Bea said...

I LOVED THE BOOK FAIRS. I would take that sheet home with me and beg my mother to check off more and more books that I could buy. She didn't because we were on a very limited income but the Librarian would assure me that the library would get some new books.
And, of course you love your job.
It's a wonderful job. Getting children excited about READING! :)bEA

Lynn said...

Such fun for the kids...good of you to do all the hard work preparing.
and Oh I love your found hearts!!!!

~jolene said...

Of course there are hearts where you's because of ALL the LOVE you share with all those who know you!!

I look forward to hearing about the book fair EVERY year! Your display this year looks GREAT!

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, I never thought of it that way. Thanks! I just thought "what a coincidence," two hearts within steps of one another!
Bea, I did the same thing but only with the Sears Christmas catalog. LOL!! Me and my brother would go through each page claiming whatever we could. HAHA!
Lynn, would you believe I had one at work too?! Yes, it came via a seagull. LOL!!! I wanted to take a shot of it but I the camera never made it to work and the heavy rains came. sigh. bye-bye heart. LOL!
Jolene, I'll keep you posted! You've been there with me each time for the past, what, 5 years? Wow!

soulbrush said...

the hearts are there to show you that you have a huge heart of gold, all poeple who work with kids do, and i know what it takes to organise a book fair, so well done you, we don't have a 'working 'library at my school, it is too small - the school and the library- but they are missing something for sure, YOU.

Stampmaiden said...

Aw Soul. Blush.