Thursday, January 28, 2010

Journal This!

I've talked. I've asked. I give up. So I wrote. And hoped to feel better.

Journaling is good therapy for me. The searching of words helps calm me down.

I love the zettiness of these legs and they're perfect for this page.

When I saw the words "self city" looking up at me I screamed "WOW! How'd you know?!!!" Never heard it before but I love it!

By the time I got to this page I could feel the mad woman in me beginning to leave. And I owe it all to words and images.

So did the mad woman finally hit the road?

Yes she did! Journaling. Cheap therapy.

I was feeling frustrated and out of sorts recently. Work overload probably had something to do with it. Throw in an "Oh no, not again" moment and I had the perfect makings for a mad-woman-journaling session. LOL! I suppose the universe knew just what I needed because once again the words sat there waiting to be used. I felt so much better after my mad-woman-journaling session btw. And I didn't even have to yell at anyone.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope everyone reading your blog has an aha moment if needed. Beautiful way to express your anger. Probably much more useful too because you can't make someone care. It will be their loss.

Bea said...

I'm glad you had a chance to express yourself in your journal. It certainly is healthier to get it out on paper instead of in some bodies face, you know? EXCEPT, some of the issues you write about may have to have some face to face time with somebody. It looks like you are feeling the BURDEN of RESPONSIBILITY, sweetie. (((((((Big hug)))))))) :)Bea

soulbrush said...

you look so pretty there. was the overload from the book fair? god school is a hellish place to be some days. i sympathise. just keep on journalling friend.

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, thank goodness the anger is gone. It left during the journaling process, my cheap therapy for that day. LOL!
Bea, I've expressed it verbally although not face to face. You'd think verbal would be enough but I guess it isn't good enough. Plus there are more excuses than a child without homework! LOL!
Joss. Blush blush LOL!! I miss you girl. The work overload happens right before the delivery. After that, all is good. Things are better for me too. Thanks for your concern, friend.

La Poeta said...

Comadre, you look soooo silly on those pics...I am going to print them and put them by my Mac, to smile when I see them.

Stampmaiden said...

Ay Comadre, I'm flattered to know I'll be bringing you smiles in the future! Thanks for the visit!