Monday, January 4, 2010

Back-to-School Artventures

When I first printed out this picture it was smeared with ink in a very odd but interesting way so I used it. Not sure how or why this happened but it may have something to do with the type of paper I used. I altered it a little further by adding "highlights" to my hair and eyes.

I took this picture of the library as soon as I stepped in. Very dark and cold with a slight scent of "old book pages."

I recovered from my first-day-back-blues after reacquainting myself with the books.

Is there really a saint for reluctant readers? I don't know but there's a book in the library about saints for just about every kind of situation so maybe I should look it up. I'll let you know what kind of interesting facts I find. In the meantime, "she's" it. I think she looks very fitting for this title, don't you? Click on the photo to get a closer look.

I'm not very comfortable with card making. My skills are at the beginner level. LOL! I've challenged myself to send handmade cards to my artsy friends this year. It has to be the artsy ones because you guys get it. I'd be crushed if one of my cards ended up in the recycling bin after all that work. And with me it's a LOT of work. LOL! This will be going out to a special woman who has a birthday coming up this month.

It was back to school after being off for a blissful 2 weeks. Ah, peace. Calm. Sleep. Why did it have to end so quickly?! The morning BEFORE I get to work is always hard but once I get there this happiness takes over. It's as if I've received a shot of "happy." LOL! Anyway, I should count my blessings rather than dread the thought of work. It's a tough world out there and I'm one of the lucky ones.


Lynn said...

Yes, getting back to work after a break is not an easy thing to do...leaving art making behind, having to be serious, act professional, when laying around in pjs until all hours of the afternoon had been the norm, it's hard. A transition! But we do it.
LOL DH said (he's a teacher) that he had difficulty standing all day long and talking all day long...

I hope your book sale is a huge success. What a statement NO money for books. Soon I fear there will be NO books period. Everyone reading ON LINE, or ON a KINDLE. So silly, don't they know books need to be felt, smelled, touched, fondled, lovingly upclose and personal in bed!
I think books are sexy!

Your journal pages are a delight to see, and so fun to see YOU TOO!

And your gift journal a delight too. Meja, I love the sound of that affection term.

Stampmaiden said...

Lynn, I don't think I can ever get into those technological books. I have to turn pages and feel a book in my hands. Thanks for the best wishes for a great book fair!

soulbrush said...

how wonderful, a patron saint for reluctant readers, great. so glad you felt good once you got to work, i felt worse, and am at home today with a migraine, after only one day of kiddies! keep going girl.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your journal pages are an inspiration. It is good seeing you too. Getting back to work is a process. Dread, reality and then hopefully satisfaction. You are doing a much needed job. I think your cards are great. Anyone would be delighted to receive one of these treasures.

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, sorry to hear about your migrane. I ran out as quickly as I could today. LOL! I was so beat yesterday evening probably because I stayed on an extra hour and a half. Too long for this old woman. LOL!
I have no idea whether there's a patron saint for the reluctant reader. I happen to have found this image and I thought of the name to go with it. LOL!

Stampmaiden said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks for the compliments! Card making does not come easy to me but I keep pushing myself to think outside MY box. Very challenging but satisfying at the same time.

BT said...

I'm so lucky to only have our land to work on and at the moment it's just too cold to do that. But there are lots of inside jobs to do too.

I love your saint of reluctant readers, she's beautiful.

I like your card too, there isn't anything you can't do Linda, let's face it!!

Love to you