Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Journaling Artventures

I enjoy the privacy and calm my art room provides. I don't mind being in the farthest part of the house away from the main room. I can sit, work, pile stuff up on my table, listen to music and not think about who may need space.

Left-overs are great, aren't they? Especially when you've got plans to make some art. Who has time to cook when you've got a project in the making?! I decided to create a page featuring my love of left-overs. Do you get that when you see this pic?

I'm trying to work on a new attitude of worry and stress less. I've got to be a calmer me in 2010. Wait. Is that a resolution cause I'm not a resolutionist type of woman! Am I stressing about this? Shut up. LOL!

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I used to but I failed terribly over and over again so I decided to abandon the idea. I did an interview with myself about this. LOL! YES, I interviewed myself. You should try it sometime to see how honest you can be with yourself. Click on this journal page to get a better look.

I received a lovely little box in the mail on Dec. 31st from my good blog buddy, Jolene from I love the wrapping that she covered my little journal in. Mija, is a splanglish word. And because I'm from north of the border, I won't even go into the correct spelling of the word. It's a loving name bestowed on daughters but good friends and relatives use it too when addressing a loved one. I guess that makes me "loved." LOL!!

Here's the cover of the journal my daughter purchased for my birthday through Jolene. I love the crazy/cool collage details!

Signatures in this journal are all nestled in double sided paper. Jolene gives a lot of attention to details.

I love the exposed spine that reveals the famous (and extremely difficult for me to master) Coptic stitch. The various shades of waxed linen she uses compliment each other. You can view some of her other journals and some other awesome art at her daughter Jill's etsy shop. Go to to get an eyeful.

The journaling artventures continue! I'm not putting pressure on myself to work on my pages which may be why it's feeling very natural for me to open my book and write, glue, stamp, alter, etc. I must remember this if I want to truly make this my Winter Journal and a completed one at that!


marianne said...

Hi Linda what a delightful post!
Any traces of resolutions I had are gone now after reading your post. ;)
The only one I had , sort of, was eating less, or losing weight..... for the rest I don't like to disappoint myself so dieeting is almost a promise of disappointment.
I don't like exercising (boring) but I do like tennis. But in winter I only play tennis 2 times a week. I love to do that.
I take a lot of naps in the afternoons, but I really need them. And guess what I read they are healthy.
So is chocolate and your whole attitude.
The journal is beautiful.


Stampmaiden said...

Thanks for visiting, Marianne. You know why dieting is not a popular word? Because the first three letters are d.i.e. Nuf said. LOL!!! Hey, tennis is good. Keep at it and twice a week is still good for you. I do aerobics with my daughter at least twice a week too. I just don't flail my arms around due to my torn rotator cuff.
Again, thanks for visiting!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This new journal is an inspiration in itself. I think being honest with yourself is a big step forward. I don't have any resolutions per say but I do need to eath healthier. That is fact not resolution. I fail at resolutions so I refuse to go there. Art is goood.

La Poeta said...

Linda, sorry to tell you that "mija" is not a spanglish word. It means "mi hija", my daughter, and it's used as an endearment for friends also. There's "mijo" too, "my son." My great grandmother used those expressions before they ever heard a word in English, south of the border.
I applaud your "no resolutions" in new year. The year is new, but we are the same old gorditas, haha.

soulbrush said...

what a gorgeous little book, and yes i love the peace of being alone, listening to audio books and doing my art. first day at school today. ohmigod! how was yours?

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, I hear you LOUD and CLEAR about resolutions. It was a fun and tasty holiday season of various feasts and it's time to get back to eating healthy on a daily basis. No biggie; I'm game!

Stampmaiden said...

Ay Mija! I stand corrected! I knew about the Mi Hija thing but I had no idea that my brothers and sisters south of the border were using the shortened version too. LOL! Pues Mija, gracias.

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, we had a faculty/staff meeting today and so no children until tomorrow. It was an easy way to get back into school. The day began an hour later and I left at 1:00. Perfect. Let's see how tomorrow goes when the kiddies come back. LOL!

~jolene said...

MijaLinda, thank you SO much for posting about the journal! I am so happy that you like it (and the wrapping!)...looking forward to seeing the pages you create in it! And thanks for mentioning our Etsy site as well. You are hired as our PR person! LOL!!!