Thursday, February 4, 2010

Balancing Artventures

About two years ago McDonald's had this phrase printed on their take-out bags. I knew that one day it would play a role in my journaling artventures. Didn't think it would take this long. Oh well, better late than never!

When I sat at my chair to balance my checkbook, I was taken in a different direction as you can see. NEVER, I mean NEVER, try to balance your checkbook in an art space. The temptation of all that surrounds me in my art room made me pick up a pair of needles to knit a few rows. Just a few. My intention was to eventually do what I originally planned to do. What was that again? LOL!

I knit a few rows, put it away and thought I'd do a journal entry or two. One page turned into three. It all started when I saw these words in a neighborhood flyer. I've never been a firm believer in these words so I don't practice what they say very well. LOL!

It didn't take long to express myself but it took forever to find the word ME! Somehow the word ME is not often found often in periodicals. Not in large font anyway. Shame. It's such an important word too!

Did I ever get the task of balancing my checkbook done? No. But I tried. Lesson learned - don't try balancing your checkbook while surrounded by art supplies. Do I feel guilty? Not really. It's my goal this year not to over stress, remember?! Besides, that kind of stuff is for weekends anyway. Isn't it? Don't answer that. LOL!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am always inspired by your journal pages. I am lucky I don't have to balance the checkbook. My DB always does it. Spoiled?? Yes I am.

Anonymous said...

I was just skipping from "next blog" to "next blog" on blogger and came across yours - I liked the word cut-out layouts, those are always cool.

soulbrush said...

roflol, what a fun post and as far as i'm concerned much better things occurred here than balancing a chequebook.

~jolene said...

Seriously, who wants to balance a check book when there is ART to be made?!?!

I applaud you for being distracted! I LOVE how you used the McD's thingy in your art - I am all about using what you have on hand! Right On Sista!

I love coming here for a visit - you never fail to inspire me!

Stampmaiden said...

Lucky Lisa, it brings me joy to hear that your hubby spoils you! What a life, eh? LOL!
Yes Soul, there's more to life than balancing a checkbook. I'd rather balance a bowl of apples and bananas on my head. LOL!
Jolene, Jolene OH JOLENE! Can you just hear Dolly singing it?! Art is where it's at and I've learned the hard way that an art space is the wrong place for checkbook balancing.

Bea said...

Well, that was my morning chuckle. I don't remember those bags but how great that you saved it. It's wonderful. And, yes, if any art supplies are around me when I'm trying to do something that bores me I'll pick them up, fer sure! :)Bea

BellaKarma said...

I LOVE how you use cut-out words! I always think it's sort of hit or miss with those (ransom letter, anyone?), but you utilize 'em great!

Ah, and knitting! And to think my blog started as a knitting blog! I need to seriously start knitting an arsenal of winter-wear for next year!

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks for visiting, Erin. I've written in my journals, stampmed in them too but using found words has always been my favorite journaling tool. Glad you like them too!
Bea, good I was able to get a chuckle out of you! LOL! If there's one thing I learned it's NOT to do anything like paying bills in my art space.
Jill, I remember your knitting posts on your blog many moons ago. You are something else when it comes to sticks and fiber! LOL! Thanks for the compliment on my use of found words.