Sunday, February 14, 2010

Heartfelt Artventures

Happy Valentine's Day! What's love got to do with it? EVERYTHING!

Knowing I probably wouldn't see my son and daughter-in-law today, I stamped, glued, cut, inked and rearranged (several times, btw) this card until it met the approval of "momma." That would be me. Along with a couple of candied apples, I placed it in their hands while they visited with us yesterday afternoon.

I assembled this tag card for my daughter. I wasn't very happy with the pink background streaks until I began to look at them as "pink breeze."

Lastly, this card was made for my Valentine of 38 years. Man, that seems so ancient. But the love feels the same. You have my permission to say "awww" or run to the nearest bucket to puke. LOL!!

Here's the inside of Jim's card. I mounted a piece of vellum which had scatterings of copper, silver and gold bits throughout the paper. I wrote my sentiment using a Gelly Roll Glaze pen by Sakura. I love the way the ink flows from this pen without skipping or pouring out a lot of ink at once. It's perfect and leaves beautifully raised and glossy writing. If you click on the picture you may see the details.

There's so much happening today and over the next few days. Chinese New Year's AND Valentine's on the same day - I can't remember that ever but maybe I was too much into the love thing to know that. It's been 38 years, remember?! Then tomorrow is an off day in honor of President's Day. Oh man and on Tuesday it's big ole FAT TUESDAY! Whoopie Yum-Yum!! It all winds down on Ash Wednesday.
Well, whatever you do, however you celebrate, whoever you love, do it with a full heart. Life doesn't guarantee another anything and I'm not waiting to see how they party on the other side. LOL!!!


~jolene said...

I have been in LOVE with.....your ART for a long time now :) Your cards from your HEART and hands to all the loves of your life are rockin' sista!

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks so much Jolene. There's a lot of cards between us and it's always a pleasure creating for those you love. Happy Valentine's Day, Mija.

Bea said...

PUKE! PUKE! WHO WOULD DO THAT. I love your art work. Did he like his Valentine? :)Bea

Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm over here saying "awwwwwwwwwww" *smiles* Happy Valentine's Day Linda X O X O

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What wonderful valentines for your loved ones. I think it is wonderful that you celebrate your 38years of love. That is certainly a worthy celebration. It makes my heart sing to know there is someone that treasures their spouse in this way. Happy Valentines Day.

Stampmaiden said...

Hi Bea and Happy Valentine's Day! Yes, Jim did like his valentine and he put it up for all to see. Big smiles:)
Happy Valentine's Day back, Sherry! Thanks for visiting!
Thanks, Lisa! I'm glad I was able to pull it all off before Valentine's Day. LOL! Hope you're having a good Valentine's Day.

Lynn said...

38 you are ahead of us by 8.
Such love, ain't it grand?
Love all your heart felt!
hope they were each fully appreciated.

soulbrush said...

we have 35 under our belt, and we made each other a card this year, quite out of his comfort range, but he did very well. love what you do- always - happy vals day to you too friend.

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Soul, that is so sweet to make each other cards. The man showed his love going way out of his element with this one, huh?! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks for visiting!

BT said...

Such lovely things to give to your daughter and a fabulous card for your Jim. I made one for my Jim too, but it was a lot simpler than yours!! He gave me a heart jigsaw puzzle! Non fattening!