Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Travelin' Artventures

Maybe it's the cold weather. Maybe it's reconnecting with a group I once spent an entire year exchanging postcards with. Maybe it comes from spending too much time in my art space. Is there such a thing? With all the extra stuff floating around me do I really need to get involved in a project? Well, the word commitment has never scared me but becoming involved in a project during the school year takes a lot out of me.

I recently took the plunge to participate in a journal round robin. The only rules are to send it off every 3-4 weeks. I told myself I could do that. The other rule is to include enough pages for each player to journal on the front and back of 2 pages. I'm using heavy (140 lb) index paper so players can layer on the paint, glue, whatever without wondering if the pages will hold up. I'm also keeping it simple. I dug around, found an old book, gutted the pages and punched two holes along the side of the spine at the top and bottom. I'm putting two binder rings through the holes for easy removal of each page as it gets worked on. I still have to punch holes through the pages and alter the covers a bit. I'm comfortable with paint so that will most likely be my choice of media for the cover. The words "Best Friend" stand out and I may leave them exposed.

I have my own journaling style and this rr will surely challenge me as I work with various themes. Oh yes, did I mention each journal participant has a theme? OK, I will focus on the fun of making art and pushing the envelope and not fret with questions like "how? WHAT? why?!" In other words, don't ask, just do. And have fun with it.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love these altered books. It will be fun to watch your group's books evolve. That is one serious punch you have there. I would probably get out the drill to make holes in a book jacket. Have fun.

La Poeta said...

So, this is a Yahoo group, or how you got into this RR?

soulbrush said...

i think that spring is nearly in your 'step' and soon you will have the full mojo back again (and you and i still wanna do another alphabet/or part of an alphabet trade???)

BT said...

wow, you are very brave Linda and I'm sure your pages will be an amazing success. I hope you're not doing too much. xxx

BT said...

Oh my comment disappeared! I bet your pages will be just wonderful. The others are so lucky that you are participating. Don't do too much though.

Love to you

Stampmaiden said...

Lisa, it's always an interesting transformation. You just never know what you're gonna end up with.
Christina, this is a yahoo group and I read a message from a member who wanted to get this going. At first I was hesitant but I later caved in. The art bug is making me itch!
Soul, I think you're right! It's near spring and this is when I get my art groove on! Thanks for reminding me. I was wondering what was going on with me. LOL!
Gina, your comments came through. I'm ready for this round robin and will keep you posted with my contributions! Thanks for stopping by!

Bea said...

I enjoyed every round robin I was in except the one where one player made off with the journals, she had.
Only advise I can give is not to mail one until the one the person has had been mailed. Then at least two don't disappear.
You'll do fine. Your style is wonderful. I wish I had time to play with you guys. :)Bea