Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday

These ATCs were in a large pack I got in the mail the other day from Soul! I love the varied shades of color on the black background.

Soul suggested we make ABC ATCs featuring verbs. Here's her take on verbs using the letters "A" (far upper left which is "ADD" and yes, she did ADD lots here! LOL!) all the way to "M" for MEND (which she stitched onto fabric - very cool and clever!).

Here are the letters "N" through "Z." Deep meaning behind her "V" ATC for VISUALIZE (it's the one with Mandela). And who would have thought "uncurling.." as a verb! Not me. Oh, and can you see the tear on my rotator cuff in the "X-rayed" shoulder?! Leave it to Soul! LOL!

She's still at it with those inchies!

Cool map! I was straining to see if I could find where Soul lives. The pack of tags and doo-dads will be used one day when I'm looking for that "something" I need to add on.

I should really post my Thankful Thursdays early enough for my international blog pals to view them on time. I'm sure a couple of them are snug in bed waiting for Friday to stroll along. Well at least they'll have something new and exciting to look at when they roll out of bed, even if it's a day late.

I got a fat envelope in the mail the other day from my friend Soul! I was expecting to get my ABC ATCs from the swap she challenged me to a few months ago. When I opened the pack I was so overwhelmed by the extra goodies she placed in there. I wanted to share some of those fun items plus the cards with you here today. Click on the images to get a closer look.

If I hadn't taken the first step in setting up a blog, I would have never known several of the people I know today. Somehow you wandered over here to check out my artventures and stayed. Some invited me to play with them and encouraged me to bring out a little more of my creative side. Someone suggested I join in on a "Fake Journal" project which was like being in Fantasy Island, minus Boss, Tattoo, and of course, the island. LOL! That was something I will always remember because it gave me a chance to pretend and write about the type of shop I would have liked to have had in my life, if given the chance. Thanks, Christina! And thanks to those of you who gave me the nudge I needed to get out more often to play even when I didn't feel like it. I can't imagine what else I'd be doing right now if I wasn't in any art swaps. All that time doing what? Cleaning? Eating? Spending money? Definitely not that. LOL! And continued thanks to you for visiting my blog.


BT said...

My goodness, did Soul do a whole alphabet for you? She must love you lots. What wonderful ATCs and goodies. She is a whirlwind of talent. I too love the blogging world and wonder what I did before....

Stampmaiden said...

LOL!! I think Soul does love me, who doesn't she love? LOL! We both did an exchange. BT, you spend so much time in the garden, I really think you'd be doing double time!

Bea said...

I LOVE my blog buddies. I am so happy that we all found each other. YAYAYAYAYAYAY :)Bea

Sherry Goodloe said...

My goodness is RIGHT! Those are so cool Linda.

soulbrush said...

they really look soo good from this angle tee hee...yay!! so glad they arrived and I can't wait now to see your and put them up's to the next one friend. xxx

Stampmaiden said...

Me too, Bea. It's good to have someone to vent with even if it's done in cyber space. LOL!
Sherry, it's always fun to get something arted up in the mail, isn't it?
Soul, you'll hopefully get yours sooner than I hope you do. LOL!! It's traveling across rooftops by now!

Teri C said...

Holey moley, you two are something else. Here we are lucky to get one done a week!! Great stuff.

I totally agree about blogland friendships. What did we ever do before!

Lynn said...

Well, Soul is one of a kind...and we are each so lucky to be touched by her when we helps to be a little bit touched! LOL I love her!!
And all her art!!!

The verbs are terrific. So will we see yours as well? When, where? Did she already post them? Did I miss them?

I too am glad for making friends on blogland...your friendship included of course! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend.

La Poeta said...

Well, I think I am competing with your Dad, I am forgetting a lot!!! I was thinking about him, I found in my incredible amount of stuff some CDs from the old times, (in Mexico), Pedro Vargas, Tona la Negra, Los Tres Ases, etc, that maybe you don't know, but I am sure your Mom and Dad remember. I am putting them in your box with stuff, shipping it next week!