Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recent Journal Pages

Sometimes when I get in a "journaling rut," I go back to the past where lots of interesting memories are stuck in my brain cells. This memory came alive when I found this great pic from a rock music magazine. Great phrases, words and pics can always be found in these types of magazines which I used to get handed down from my daughter.

I'm grateful to have a job especially in these tough times but even the grateful get gloomy. Can you see it? Yes, visual journaling is my thing!

I still don't have a budget for the library which is a first. By this time of the year I've already ordered stacks of books and a few library supplies. Rather than give up hope or gripe that there's no money, I try to focus on what we have and what our kids still find exciting enough to borrow.

Here's a page that I "scribbled" on. It felt good to get it all out and I even turned the offender into a monkey! LOL!!!

Hope you enjoyed viewing some of my recent journal pages. Did you know I once hosted a Journal ATC swap? Yes I did. The rule was to art up the front and journal on the back. Each artist was to sign their name, date and series number somewhere. It was fun and the participation level filled up. I did leave some players wondering about some of the things I wrote because it was like leaving cliff hangers. Well, there's only so much you can journal about on such a small space. I'll put it like this, it's a fun challenge!


Bea said...

You know what I LOVE that you KNOW your style. It developed and you feel comfortable with it and it's so easy for you to express yourself with it. CLAP, CLAP, CLAP
I love clicking on your journal pages and reading them. hee hee hee like the big sister, sneaking a look at your journal when you are out. :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks Bea! Please, continue to click on because I keep forgetting to mention it. It's funny for you to say you feel like a big sister because all I grew up with were younger sisters who tried to get into my business! LOL!

BT said...

How interesting your pages are linda. I love clicking on them too and trying to make out the writing! Love the monkey. A super post.