Friday, September 4, 2009


"My painting carries with it the message of pain." Frida Kahlo

Over here on my blog I've decided that TGIF translates to "Thank God it's Frida." These pics are taken from pages in my Frida mini journal which I taught last month.
"When the idea of a mini journal workshop sprung up, I knew that Frida would have to be one of the themes. I've always loved her art and admired her for not letting the pain she endured from Diego and her body deter her from creating. Painting seemed to be her pill. And because Frida's life was associated with pain, I decided that my journal entries would be my personal observations on my father's declining health and watching him age before me. Not easy watching the man who once stood tall shuffle about carefully and become easily forgetful." Linda, July 27, 2009


Sherry Goodloe said...

Oh Linda, these pages are beautiful. I love each and every one of them

My heart goes out to you watching your dad :(

Lynn said...

Oh that darn aging stuff again...after just spending the day with my dearest childhood friend, I am full of this subject. We are both still so young at heart, but I can see the path of aging happening more by looking at my friend who is a mere six months my senior, than in my own mirror. My own mirror has DENIAL scrawled across it in red lipstick I guess. We spoke of aging parents (ours both deceased now), but her ailing mother in law...and how to deal with one remaining aging person no longer really able to care for herself. It happens to everyone, but watching it, and gettingcloser to it...ain't no darn fun.

Just keep taking care of yourself!!!
It will put your own aging off longer...and I send blessings and understanding for your dad's health and memory changes and your dealing with it all. I took care of my mom who had dementia so I know all about this if you have questions.

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks, Sherry. Choosing colors is always fun when I create these pages! My dad is very lucky to have my mom caring for him.
Well Lynn, I think a lot of us are there. We are part of that infamous "baby boom." Do we have a new name now that we're not babies anymore? LOL! Don't answer that!

Bea said...

Oh man, you made me cry. That's a beautiful little mini book and of course, I adore Frida. It's just beautiful that you made it to help you deal with the pain of watching your father age. :)Bea

soulbrush said...

aaaw linda you know my new love fro frida, these are fantasmagorious! and i so feel for you with your beloved daddy. god bless you and him

BT said...

That is such a beautiful mini journal Linda. I do know how hard it is to watch a once strong father go into decline. My father was a fine man, a musician at the Royal Opera House in London. Smartly dressed, well respected and always strong. In his latter years he developed Parkinson's Disease and he really did shuffle along. He was in pain and misery for his last few years. It was so sad. I feel for you.