Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Pages, Same Message

My thoughts on journaling have not changed much. This was my message to a group of players in a Journal Round Robin.

Even back then I had a special stash of phrases and pics saved for my visual journaling artventures.

While going through my old journals I discovered one connecting thread. My love of color! Another message that still has deep meaning for me is to make time for art.

It always becomes a little challenging for me to balance my creative side with my job. I come home tired, sometimes dead beat. But somewhere during the week or weekend I'm getting my fingers painted, inky or glued. LOL!! I HAVE to do something creative. Swaps have pushed me to continue, workshops I've led or taken have done the same and when I didn't have either, I could always be found altering a page in my journal.

I've gone back in time to show you some pages from past journals. Today I bring you two pages from a Journal Round Robin that I once participated in.


Lynn said... many years do these go back? Love the color, the creativity, the words, cut outs etc.

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks Lynn! This journal went across the states in 2004 but it seems like yesterday. It's been fun looking through my journals and finding subtle changes in the way I paint my pages. But one thing remains and that's my love of color, color and more color!

Bea said...

It's one of the hardest messages to get across to people but when you are the most tired, exhausted, emotionally and physically from the demands of the day, spending even 15 minutes working in your ART journal will renew you. Refresh you. Remind you that you are MORE than the drudge that you feel some days.
It's heading for the studio or art table instead of the kitchen or comfy chair that is the hardest for people. WE'RE TIRRRRRRRRRRRRRREED we WHINE. I have no energy.
But pick up that crayon, paintbrush, glue stick and start in and I will almost put money on it that you will work longer than 15 minutes.
It's what the soul NEEDS. :)Bea

PS I LOVE your journals and your use of color. It's soooooooooo YOU.

Stampmaiden said...

So true Bea. And if you don't journal, picking up a few art supplies to play with will also turn into more than 15 minutes and a lotta fun!

soulbrush said...

this is definitely your forte, journalling, what a lot you pack into a page...i have jhad such a frantic and hard week at school i feel frazzled!

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, I too had an exhausted week. I can barely type. This Friday, my TGIF means Thank God It's FRIDAY rather than FRIDA! You know I must be feeling out of it if I leave Frida out of the picture.

BT said...

I know you love colour and those journal pages show it too. But it works so well for you, you have such a good eye.

La Poeta said...

"Be happy or crappy????"
You are too much!

Stampmaiden said...

Christina! LOL! I wanted the players to know that they were free to journal despite what type of mood they were in. I wasn't, am not, about restricting emotions. Thanks for visiting!