Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artventurous Inspiration

Today while checking in on fellow bloggers, I discovered that artist Janice Lowry, who I recently saw on public television, has passed away at the tender age of 63. She was an excellent human being who did some pretty awesome art. If you haven't seen her work, go to http://www.janicelowry.com/ to see it. You'll get a glimpse into her world and drool when you see her studio.

Janice is an example that we are not guaranteed "X" number of days, months, years. How ironic that I planned to include a picture from one of my older journals with the quote "What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it." She accomplished so much in her 63 years and it wasn't because she sat around waiting for it to happen. Well, don't let me tell you about it. Just go to her website where you can also click on the link to her blog and read her husband's tribute to her.

Live life to it's possible fullest for you. We all come from different backgrounds and situations but we all have time to make it happen. Don't wait till it's too late. In the end will that dust bunny really make a difference in your life and will you be dreading that you didn't wipe the furniture enough?


Lynn said...

I do hope I am living this type of life...I understand that each day is special, a gift to me to create in it the most and best I can...if I can be helpful to others that is my hope, if I can get satisfaction for myself that is the icing on my cake of life.

soulbrush said...

omg i am nealy 62, this is sooo scary i will go read it and be very thankful...and oh yes, i will do your tag today after work...xxx

Stampmaiden said...

Oh Lynn, I love how you put it - the icing on my cake of life. Well said.
Soul, yeah, this kind of stuff makes you think. Looking forward to seeing what you write!

Bea said...

You only get the cards you are dealt. Often said to me by my dearest MIL.
Life can change with the drop of a dime. Often said to me by my mother.
Twenty Summers, Goddess willing. I said to my children. :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Your MIL and Mom's sayings are very true but I like yours better cause it's so "matter-of-fact!"