Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Journal Tags

I always give my tag art women names. I look for something in their "make-up" when I play with ideas on what to name them. The art tag on the left is "Seamstress For The Band" and the one on the right is, simply, "Pinky." Sometimes it takes me half a day to compose one tag. I take a lot into consideration when I create these. Color is the main factor. I always use up to 3, sometimes 4, colors. Embellishments, which stamps to use, even selecting fibers to run through the top hole, take time. I want to make sure it "fits" the art woman. It all has to work together.

Here's the flip side of the arted up tags. This is what makes them journal tags. "Seamstress For The Band" made me think about my first sewing experiences and how scary it was for me because I was so young and getting graded for it. That's a picture of me that was in the school yearbook that year. LOL! I was a nervous wreck. I don't remember how many times I ripped the seams to that dress. I just remember breathing easy once the damn class was finished. LOL! Click on the picture to read on.

During the late 60s and early 70s I admired hippies. I never saw them as dirty creatures but more as fun-loving peace promoters. LOL! After I designed the tag on the left, I named it "Flower Child." The tag on the right was named "Party Girl" and on the back I wrote about my carefree summers and parties.
Sometimes we need a little nudge on what to journal about. Thankfully, I found a sheet of journal prompts and used one behind my "Flower Child" tag. I wrote about, what else, the 60s! Click on the pic to read and learn more about "moi!"

I knew the minute I saw those huge blank 8 x 4 tags hanging at the stamp store that I'd be using them to journal on. Of course I'd have to add a little art on one side but what? It wasn't long before I began experimenting with painting techniques and embellishing the finished painted tag with an art doll. I've been doing this for two years now and I see no end in sight! I just need more time to create a new batch. And a date to lead another workshop!


Sherry Goodloe said...

You make the most GORGEOUS tags Linda!! These are no exception - WOW . . . simply WOW! xoxo

Mim said...

These are beautiful!

soulbrush said...

omg you are a woman of so many talents....what about an online workshop for me, or what about i come and stay for a week and we just do ART ? tee hee....
i lurv these, whew. sumptious.
the sixties ROCKED altho i had a very strict mother so was never allowed to go party, but it was happening all around me.motown music is still my best.

Bea said...

I love the idea of using tags as journal postings. I love your ladies. This is something that my teens at the local library would love to try. Just a fun creative way to journal.
Well done, MS LINDA!

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks for your comments! I do enjoy making these and most that have taken my workshops usually save them either to give away as a card or to collect.
Soulbrush, I'll be waiting for your visit! AND, I'll play some Motown while we make tags! I have a nice collection. Really.

lk moonwood said...

These tags are incredible! So fun!
:) lulu

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks, Lulu! My favorite part about making tags is deciding which colors to use and what kind of outfit each tag girl will use.
Thanks for visiting!