Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tagged Artventures

I had to resist the urge to name "people" in this list of 6 of my favorite things so I wrote the definition of the word "thing" to get me out of my "people rut." Knowing that listing objects as opposed to people put my mind at ease because, well, people are NOT things. It felt a little weird not to list family but I kept telling myself, "people are NOT things." Click on the images to get a better look.

The list continues. I put my answers in my journal. It's almost filled up and I'll be starting a new one soon. This one is large and it's been challenging to fill up the pages. I'll probably miss the larger format. Definitely more space to fill it up with "stuff."

I got this in the mail from my friend Soulbrush at http// It's my "C" ATC from our ABC ATC swap around the world. I love the playfulness these cats exhibit and I like the way she layered them.

A few days ago my friend Sherry from tagged me. My dad fell ill unexpectedly and I put my answers on the back burner. Now that things are back to normal, I'm happy to announce that I have finally taken care of business! What I'm to do is tag 6 other people. Knowing how some would rather pass than play is fine with me. The choice to play "tag" is entirely up to you. Here are the rules. You mention being tagged by me and my blog when you post your list. All you have to do is list 6 of your favorite things and then tag 6 people to play.

I hereby tag the following:






Remember, the choice to play is entirely up to you.


soulbrush said...

course i'm gonna play sweetie, in a few days time....tee ya.

BT said...

Oh how can anyone compete with your lovely 6 favourite things Linda? The way you have listed them is brilliant, you you are a stampmaiden! Good choice too. I will, of course, have a go when I've caught up with my blog. Great post Linda.

Teri C said...

Wow Linda, these are just beautiful, wonderful, creative and so thoughtful! I love them.

Thanks for taggine me. I have to give this some thought.

Echo said...

I love your presentation of the six things and that it set me thinking again. All texture and heart.

Stampmaiden said...

Soul, take your time. Get plenty of rest and I know you're always game!
Thanks, BT. You have so much to catch up on! Thanks for playing when you do!
Teri, think away....I don't want you to feel pressured.
Echo, thanks for the compliment. I just read your list of six and it's awesome. Your use of words to describe them are so beautiful.

Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Linda! I TOO love the way you presented your six favorite things :) Can't wait to see you next month at the RSC . . . you ARE going aren't you???? :) Oooooh, and thank you so much for letting me bend your ear with the cruise questions. I'm sure I'll have more when I see you *hee hee*