Sunday, June 7, 2009

More Natural Artventures

Even Momma Cat loves to go on "Natural Artventures" from time to time.  She's been enjoying sitting near and under the vase of flowers.  Oh look, her mouth is open as if to say "ahh, flowers."  LOL!
This beautiful bloom is my white agapanthus or Lily of the Nile.  A neighbor was kind enough to give me several divisions when he was thinning them down a few years ago.  They've multiplied like crazy over the years and I'm lucky enough to have them in blue and white. 
This is my Whisky Rose.  What a funny name.  The blooms have a wonderful old fashion scent.
When this Calla Lily blooms, it will bloom a yellow flower.  Another bargain found in the dollar aisle after Easter, two years ago.
My Iceberg Rose continues to bloom throughout the summer until winter. 
This is my Polynesian Sunset Rose.  Very large heads bloom and the thorns on this bush are huge and thick.  Ouch!
As you can see the sky was the prettiest blue.  Those palm trees drop massive amounts of unedible orange dates.  Big messes cover the ground but the crows love them!
Basketball can be an artventure if you appreciate the colors purple and gold.  LOL!  Colors of the beloved Los Angeles Lakers who are in the finals and 2 games ahead!
I spent my day working on unfinished art projects which I will share with you in a day or two.  In between projects  I was drawn to venture outside with my camera.  The sun was out, the sky was a beautiful shade of blue and the wind was mild.  A great day for not only finishing art projects but also for enjoying the natural beauty that nature's art  provides. 


soulbrush said...

oh my goodness, what beauty all around you. and what perfect weather for it. thanks so much for showing us.

Bea said...

LOVE those roses. I'm a basketball fan but of college basketball. But, the best games to actually go to are the high school playoffs. I wish I could BOTTLE the energy in those places when the kids play.
And, they work so hard. The basket seems so much farther from their hands and the ball, you know?
Your garden is beautiful and absolutely you need to go outside when the sky is blue............wait a minute.........YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA........isn't the sky always, blue?

Stampmaiden said...

Hi Soulbrush! Thanks for visiting. The weather has been nice these past two days. Clear skies and fresh air.
Bea, I know what you mean about college and high school basketball. Those kids play from their hearts and don't get paid for it. Those are the best games really. But I can't help myself when a local team goes to the play-offs or finals! You should see and hear me. Well, maybe not. LOL!

soulbrush said...

hia again. there's an award for you on my blog today sm.

Stampmaiden said...

OH WOW SOUL! Thanks! I'll be there!