Sunday, June 14, 2009

Challenging Artventures

This is my Prayer Plant and it carries a couple challenges. One, it only gives me one bloom a year and two, Momma Cat loves to nibble on new leaves. I've decided to place an open book around the base of the pot to prevent future nibbles.

A major challenge for me has been to work on a small book that will hold a collection of inchies. The person who is receiving this book has expressed her disdain for working on a 1 x 1 area, let alone cutting out the squares. This is her challenge and I'm hoping she will make an effort to fill the blank pages full of inchies.

Finding words of advise came easy. What is it they say? Easier said than done? Yeah, I know.

I'll have to send some blank inchies and tiny images to make this an easier artventure for her. Hopefully it'll help.

In the end it doesn't matter what kind of art you create on your inchie space. Some like to put words and art on their blanks (like me) while others prefer a single image. It's all based on personal taste and it's all good.

In my last blog post I wrote about how I procrastinate when it comes to finishing projects. It finally occurred to me why that is as I made myself sit down to complete one over the weekend. I can't half-ass anything. There, that's it. If I can't make something that satisfies me, I put it aside. That explains why I have so many unfinished projects! It's not because my life is so busy that I can't find the time or that I have so many things going on (such as swaps) at one time, it's because I CAN'T HALF-ASS stuff. I spend too much time on how "it" looks. And a lot of times it looks good but there I go adding more. Oh man. I hope that doesn't make me a perfectionist. I detest perfection. Those types give me hot flashes and hives. Wait. No, I'm NOT a perfectionist. Phew. I just glanced at my living space. LOL!


Bea said...

LOLOL That post made me laugh. I hope your friend enjoys working on the inchies. I knew a woman that set up a TV tray by her favorite chair. When ever a commercial would come on she would work on her inchies. She said it made that LOOOOOOOOONG commercial time just pass.

soulbrush said...

what a marvellous book and such a generous and thoughful gift. i love doing my inchies now and will send you some more soon...tee hee you have me hooked now girl! we DO have a lot on the go right now, and i have started our little joint project too...tee hee...

Stampmaiden said...

Bea, I keep my art stuff near a TV for that reason! I hear her BIG TIME about those long commercials!
Soul, thanks! I didn't want to show too much because I'd like my friend to be a little surprised when she gets her book. LOL!
Can't wait to get our project out and in the open! WooHoo!