Monday, June 22, 2009

Soulfull Artventures

You just never know what you'll find at the bottom of a drawer. My long lost SOUL CARDS were lost no more when I unexpectedly came to their rescue. Imagine my joy at rediscovering them!

Making them takes a few supplies you probably have at home or can easily find. A box of blank flash cards surfaced as well. I knew I had a box somewhere. Well, there they stayed buried along with my little stash of soul cards. At least they kept each other company all these years. LOL!

I like to use a variety of paints in various colors for the backgrounds. Sometimes I make myself choose colors I don't like or I go with whatever colors pull me in. Painting solid backgrounds or layering paint varies with each painting session.

My stash of imagery and words has always been one of my art tools. Soul card making would draw me to certain words and images and these would become the focal part of each card.

I always take advantage of stamped images as well. It's fun looking through my collection and making use of what I have to create a scene or words.

Here's a glimpse of a few of my cards. Begin to build a stash of interesting pictures or words from magazines. These make great resources for instant art in your visual journal or soul cards.

I've found that adding three dimensional elements make interesting touches.

These cards were created in the fall season when projects at work become a little stressful. Can you tell? Look at the way I have a lot of wild and dark composition going on. Interesting how I was drawn to these images and dark colors without giving it much thought. Very soul wrenching.

This is a sampling of seasonal soul cards. In case you're wondering, "Juan" was our missing in action gardener. He disappeared that summer.

I happened to be doing some re-organizing and purging this weekend when I came across a deck of soul cards I made 6, COUNT THEM, SIX years ago! First of all, where did the time go? Secondly, why were these at the bottom of a drawer?! No wonder I can't find anything. But that's another post.

Kelly Kilmer got me started on these soul cards. I took her workshop back in 2003 and as soon as I got home I went wild! Painting and collage feels very natural to me and if it feels that way to you too, you can put some soul cards together in a flash. In fact, the first 3 people to leave a comment will get one of my soul cards, 6 plain ones for you to art up, and bits of collage stuff. Lucky for you I found these, huh?!


soulbrush said...

oooooh i just cannot believe i am first...yay! they are just fabadabadoodoo...i love them, but then i love all that you do girl. wish i could come and visit you for a week and you could give ME a course on these....

Teri C said...

What a fabulous post Linda!!!! Just what I needed to see and read and imagine. Thank you.

Bea said...

LOL Don't you love it when you find hidden treasurers?
I did a deck of soul cards back around that time too. There was a Yahoo group just for making them. We didn't exchange them because they were so personal. You know I can still pull out my deck and know EXACTLY what the images that developed were about. They represent emotions and feelings that are universal. :)Bea

Sherry Goodloe said...

I'm commenter #4. I think "someone" is trying to tell me something. Ahhhhh, like maybe I don't need one more thing to lose in MY drawers!? LOL

Teri C said...

WHOOOHOO!! thank you Linda! How lucky is that!!!

Stampmaiden said...

Yes, Soul you are first and a fun package will be headed your way soon! You can visit anytime you'd like - preferably during summer when we both have a little time off! Think about it.
Thanks, Teri! Have fun making your own as a little package is headed your way too!
Bea, I love finding hidden treasures. So the members of your group made them and posted them for others to see? Well, I'm sending you one of mine along with some extra goodies. Have fun, you're the third to post!
Sherry, Sherry. You and I are so much alike but I think we're not alone. LOL! So many of us put things away for safe keeping only to forget where we put them. That's my excuse anyway. LOL!

BT said...

What a fantastic post Linda. Your art just leaves me breathless, it really does, I could never achieve it.