Saturday, May 30, 2009

One Life To Live

I learned two things this week. One, live your best life and two, stop griping. I met a Holocaust survivor, Eva Brown. And a friend died. Both lived completely different lives, came from different worlds but each one lived their best life the only way they could. Eva's faith, that her father instilled in her while growing up, is what helped her to be a survivor. It also helped her to "forgive" and continue to live after she was liberated. Not an easy thing to do especially after loosing several members of her family. The best way to describe her is that she radiates peace. Sounds corny but I have no other words for her demeanor. She uses her voice to reach thousands about the cruelties of hatred and to show them that it is possible to come out of something very ugly and build a new life and live it to it's fullest. And to think, I tried to back out of going to this presentation. Walking 1/2 mile with a bunch of 6th - 8th graders is not my cuppa tea. LOL! But see how life works? Things happen for a reason. This woman impressed me so much it's been helping me to deal with "what is" because it can always be a whole lot worst. A whole whole lot worst.

The other thing that happened to me was the death of a friend. Very unexpected. Yeah, one of those. I still don't know all the details because he was in Las Vegas with his wife. This man was a friend to everyone. He recently retired from teaching and has a grandson at our school. He made lots of book donations to our school library and most recently he was giving several lesson plans he no longer needs to teachers for ideas, use, etc. He lived his life doing what he loved and he LOVED teaching and talking. LOL! He was a giver and great supporter to his grandson. He is proof that you never know when you're gonna go so make sure you live your best life.

No one should tell you how to live your life unless you're harming yourself but you should make sure to live a life you love and live it to it's fullest the way you can. Appreciate what you have and stop griping cause it can always be a lot worst. A whole, whole lot worst.


Bea said...

Very powerful entry today. I'm so sorry to hear of the death of your friend. I hope he was doing exactly what he wanted and was happy when he was called home. It sounds like his life was one of teaching, caring, giving and being a mentor.
Learning to forgive humans is probably the hardest lesson for us to learn and act apon. To forgive as your friend has done is not to forget which she hasn't. Both these people can only hope that the rest of us LEARN something from them. That we look at their lives and use them as a positive example.
Love the ATCs. Thanks for the thoughtful entry.
As Always, :)Bea

soulbrush said...

an inspiring and soulful post lin, thanks we need to be reminded of this now and then.

Stampmaiden said...

Bea and Soul, thanks for your comments. Mr.R was in his sixties and really looked fit. Not the kind of person you'd expect to go so soon. Just goes to show.
Bea, I was looking at my post and my journal pages do look kinda small like ATCs, don't they? LOL!! I have to start hitting that LARGE button to make my pictures look huge! But then my ATCS will probably start looking like journal pages. LOL!! What to do! What to do!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Amen sistah!

BT said...

An excellently written post Linda. I am so sorry about your friend. He sounds like a wonderful person, teacher, giver and will be remembered for those things, as well as obviously being an excellent Grandad.

How interesting to meet Eva Brown. She sounds like a real character and a marvellous example to all the 'moaners' around. I count myself as one sometimes and do try not to.

A thoughtful post. Lovely ATCs as ever Linda. I have just posted some and if you like any of them, grab them quickly as I owe you some.

BT said...

Ah, I've just read your comment to Bea about your journal pages!! Ah well, at least 2 of us made the same mistake!