Friday, May 8, 2009

ABC "ME" Artventures

I discovered the ABC "ME" prompt from BT the gardener who was tagged by Soulbrush. I decided to do my ABC's in my journal rather than type it out on my blog. I didn't follow it exactly as BT and Soulbrush did. I changed a few of the words represented by each letter but guess what? As I got closer to the last few letters, other words crept into my mind that I felt would have represented me better. Take the letter "F" for instance. I put Favorite Flowers (my choice, the original was favorite color). Well, why I didn't put FRIDA after "F" is beyond me. I love Frida! Where was my brain?! Don't answer that. LOL! This happened with a couple of the other letters.

The whole point of the ABC "ME" prompt is to expose yourself to viewers who want to get to know you better. It was fun but I think there's more to know about me and the best way to find out is to just keep reading my blog and leave comments and questions. Oh, and anyone reading this is tagged to let others know about you through your personal ABCs.


BellaKarma said...

Love it! My new favorite color combination is that shade of red and that shade of blue on your journal page!

I love your "quote" - I have quoted that line for years!
Love potatoes too - for the same reason as you!
And Zip was my best buddy when I was around six years old: he was a big (stuffed!) monkey! =)

soulbrush said...

i KNEW we would just 'click' here in many things the same....being different, tee hee, your quote, years of marriage (34), knitting, wanting, shoulder (had two ops, get it checked NOW),thanks for doing this! hugs

Bea said...

Oh absolutely! I can't do those kinds of tests. One day one color is my favorite and the next another. I love Fride and flowers and Frodo and Friends so what to do, what to do?
I like reading your blog. I like looking at your artwork and seeing what is going on in your life. That tells me a lot about you. Nice things. lololsnort :)bea