Sunday, May 3, 2009

Religious Artventures

I always had my suspicions that I got my crafty gene from my mother but now it has been confirmed. My mother is a Mixed Media Artist! How is it that I never stopped to look at the hanging pillow with all the little do-dads hanging on it? I glanced at it but never really stopped to LOOK at it. She lovingly placed various religious articles on her small hanging heart. wow. I just read her art. You know that question "What do you think the artist is saying?" or "What does the painting tell us?" Well, my mom has always had a strong bond to her faith and it holds a special place in her heart. You GO mom! Your art shouts and I read it loud and clear!

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BT said...

Isn't it strange how you can see something for ages and then, suddenly you 'SEE' it. This is beautiful and so artsy. What a mum you have there.