Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

If BT was my neighbor we could sit under the Bottle Brush Tree and compare notes, while having a picnic, of course. She'd comment on how much she misses the country because her Bottle Brush Tree didn't have to compete with city wires in the background. LOL!

If Jolene was my neighbor we'd be digging up some of these purple Lily of the Niles for her to place on her patio because this color was one of her mom's favorite. Well, actually, I think I might be the one doing all the digging up while she'd be taking photos. LOL!

If Bea was my neighbor, we'd be cutting fresh gardenias for her to float in her little glass dishes at home. She'd probably have Murphy with her. He's such a cutie pie. I wonder if he digs holes? Jolene would probably want to take some home for her girls to put in their hair. Or am I pushing it with that thought? Jolene? LOL!

If Soulbrush was my neighbor, I'd probably give her this cactus because she has a thing for the prickly suckers. LOL! Or she'd bring her sketch pad and sketch away. If Christina was my neighbor, she would probably be telling me that she doesn't miss cacti after living in Arizona forever and she'd probably be asking when we could go to the beach cause THAT she missed. LOL!

And if ALL of you were my neighbors, we'd be sharing cuttings with each other to grow in our gardens, and because geraniums take off like crazy, I'd be sharing lots of these with you.

Wish you could all be my neighbors. We could gather at my home and sit down to play with stamps, paint, collage things, etc. Or we could go outside and sit at the patio table to take in the beautiful sky, hummingbirds buzzing around, listen to the woodpecker, while sipping coffee or tea, of course. Yes, it would be so nice to have you all in my neighborhood. But blogging will have to do.


soulbrush said...

how about we have a 'bloggy convention' next year at your place and i come and fetch my cactus....tee heee. hugs on sunday.

soulbrush said...

you've been tagged.

Bea said...

AWwwwww, I wish I was your neighbor too. If you give a Bea a gardinia blossom she'll float it in a dish, fer sure. lolol If you give her the bush she would be even happier. And, if you stopped by to take care of it so it wouldn't DIE ON HER, she would send you a postcard of thanks. :)Bea

Lynn said...

I guess I am your closest neighbor at least from the ABC group.
Happy to meet you and will go peruse your blog a bit now.
I'd love to sit and collage with you sometime. Sounds like fun.

Stampmaiden said...

Soulbrush, a bloggy convention sounds wonderful! Next July, when you'll be off school!
Bea, you're too funny! I still have those great postcards we swapped when we were Letterheads!
Lyn, if you ever come out to the LA area, please let me know. I'll get my collage materials out. Bring a journal too!

~jolene said...

Mija, moi taking photos? Ha! You know me well!

If WE were neighbor's we'd be growing gardens all over the 'hood :) And without a doubt ART would be blooming everywhere!

La Poeta said...

You got me figured well.
I MISS the beach, and I am sure that you never go. If I was your neighbor we would go, no excuses.