Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Afternoon

A friend gave me a collection of little ceramic pots created by a local Los Angeles artist. I finally found an interesting way to group them. I love the varying heights, shapes and colors of each one. The "Conchita" box came from a "box" swap I was in several years ago. It too was packed away waiting for the day when I would finally know where it was meant to be.

Plain switch plates don't sit too well in my home so it's no wonder that I had to alter one. I didn't feel like painting and collaging like I usually do. This one called for a scrap of paper from my stash. Since my spray adhesive lid refused to come off, I slapped some soft gel medium onto the plain switch plate and then placed it over the paper. I smoothed it out, let it dry and then cut it's opening. This is a fast and easy way to alter your plain switch plates. Does anyone out there alter their switch plates? Will you now?

Momma Cat doesn't seem to give a cat's meow about what I was doing in the next picture. LOL! It would be interesting to read her mind but maybe I'm better off not knowing. LOL!

When I saw the wall lit up I knew it would be a great moment to take a picture of my shadow. I didn't think it would be as detailed as it is. I got the whole cha-cha in this one. Now that I look at my shadow waving, I can understand why Momma Cat has "the look." LOL!!!

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