Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Child

If you've been following my blog, you know about the challenge of seeing things through the eyes of a child. Well, the child came home to a dark and rainy house today and had a hard time looking at things indoors. It just didn't feel right and she couldn't get moving. Or was that the adult? Hmm. I guess a child would have run outside looking for puddles, huh? I suppose trying to BE a child is a little harder than I thought. I've been an adult for such a long time.

The picture of my back to the front door was taken one day during fall as you probably guessed from the orange foliage hanging to the side. It's been waiting for just the right moment to be used and that became TODAY. My next challenge is for me to turn around, enter the door and start seeing the inside of the house as a child would. What would a child notice that an adult takes for granted? Stay tuned. You just never know what a child will get into!

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Bea said...

Good for you! You keep on working on the Challenge. It is hard. When we stop to look, listen like a child our Adult wants us to hurry and turn on the light, make supper, clean up the mess. The child wants to watch the shadows on the wall from the streetlights.
I love the picture of your with your back to the front door. And, I am loving the journal pages!! :)bea