Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday's Child

As soon as you enter the front door and turn to your right, this light switch is the first thing you see. Frida does not look purple to the naked child eye (or adult eye) but it appears that way with the camera's flash. Must be the blue paint underneath her image.

As soon as "little Linda" went around the corner this is what she saw. A giant bookcase that held not only books but dolls!

The doll sits way back. Not an easy reach for a child but still an exciting thing to see!

Trying to tippy-toe made it easier to see but still out of reach. sigh.

We had company today and I got a late start on the short journey from my front door to the back of the house. It's small over here, OK?! Small but just right for a child. As soon as our company left, I began to shoot some pics but I had to stop because some of the images were dark due to the lack of sunlight. Even with the camera flash, the dark shadows would not go away. So I'll show you a little of what Saturday's Child's eyes saw. Hope you enjoy the short journey and find it as exciting as little Linda did! To be continued.......


BT said...

What tremendous fun. I've been wandering around my house imagining what it would seem like through the eyes of a child. I have quite a few things about I'm sure they'd be immediately drawn to.


Bea said...

I love your lightswitch. Are the colors of your walls, peach? They are so restful and pretty. I spotted what looks like a journal.......ooooh I wanted to take it down and sit down on the floor and look at it. I like the doll, who gave you the doll, what's she wearing, can I touch her?
See why you might not want to do this exercise with me along? lol :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

The paint can didn't say peach but it sure looks like it, huh? LOL! I was inspired by the walls in a Mexican restaraunt!
My parents went to this thing that used to be popular out here years ago called "The Orange Show" and they brought me back the little doll. Her head and body are made from a hard plastic material and her arms are rubber. She's wearing an apron over her gingham black and green flannel dress. She's holding a little clay pitcher. You can touch her with your imagination. LOL!!
That is a journal you see. Good child eyes!

lk moonwood said...

Hi again! (just commented on the cupcakes!) Is this your house? OOOOH! I love the Frida switchplate, and the way the colors of it play with the color of the wall! I also like the Little Linda reference - that was my moniker with my mom's family when I was a kid because I had an Auntie Linda who was referred to a Big Linda. I think I might want to take up your challenge of seeing through a child's eyes. What a fun perspective on life!
;) lulu

Stampmaiden said...

lulu, I have a 15 year old niece we call "Little Linda" - guess who I am? LOL!!
Yes, this is my house and I love the cobalt switchplate against the wall too.
Let me know what your "child eyes" see!