Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Visuals

I couldn't wait. The first blooms called me out. And there I stood not knowing what to shoot first. You see, the child crept in and she wanted to play! So much to see and touch!

These are my Intrigue roses. There are so many buds waiting to open! They have an old fashion scent and when they first bloom they're red but as they get older they turn a deep purple-maroon shade. Love them!

My parents gave me this statue of Mary several years ago. She's been out in the sun all this time and she's begun to show her age. I love the aged look she's taken on but I'm afraid that one day she's going to start crumbling. I'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I'll continue to smile as I pass her by. I think I'll make a crown out of petals for her. Doesn't she look like she's wearing one already?

It'll be interesting to see what kind of eggs this hen will bring forth. The child's hoping for some golden ones. LOL! No matter that she's not a goose. There's a hydrangea that blooms pink blossoms under the nest. The leaves are a very dark green and the old blooms are a very dark brown. LOL! Shame shame, I know. Blame it on the child who'd rather play.

This is my Iceberg rose bush that my parents planted about 15 years ago. It's very hardy and the bugs don't bother her. When the buds first come out they're a faint pink color but as it opens it reveals a white bloom.

My aunt gave me a few bulbs from her yard one year and this plant, a calla lily, has multiplied like crazy! It's kind of invasive if you don't divide it. I love the orange blooms that it gives. There are some purple irises and blue-ish lily of the niles that grow next to it and when they all bloom together the colors are a beautiful riot!

Oh look! There's my "50" sneaking around the bottle brush tree! LOL! He got his name because he reminded us of the "50-50" ice-cream bars we used to eat as kids. They were orange and white, remember? I thought "creamsicle" was a better name but I was outnumbered. LOL! He's a real sweetie. Very affectionate.

My Cecile Brunner climbing rose is off to a great start. These little guys have a great old fashion scent. The blooms last a long time too.

E.T. Brown, may he rest in peace. Just kidding!!! LOL! This piece of concrete was removed from the side of our home when we had a wall built. I had to find a proper place for it and it seemed so fitting among the "naked ladies" that bloom around July - August! He seems to love his final resting spot a lot. LOL!

My intention was to take pictures of the first blooms. Well, the child had her own agenda and it included capturing fragments that are sometimes over looked. So there you have it. A little bit of me and little bit of "her."


Sherry Goodloe said...

Nice garden you have there :) And ooooooh yes, I DO remember the 50/50 bars. Which also brings to mind, those push up sticks . . . do you remember THOSE?! :)

BT said...

Oh what a wonderful blog this is! You said you were going into the garden, and by golly you did! Your garden is in full Summer bloom. Those roses are gorgeous. I want to get an iceberg rose but haven't managed it yet. We made a rose garden in the shape of a snake last year! You can see the pink of the early blooms in your photo.
Oh and I love your trainers and trousers. They're just fabulouse.
Old statues, beautiful. I do she doesn't crumble. That would be such a loss. It did make me laugh though, your description sounded just like me. 'She's been out in the sun all this time and she's begun to show her age. I love the aged look she's taken on but I'm afraid she's going to start crumbling'. Jim could have written that about me!! A crown of petals would be glorious, although she does already have one I think.
We have odd things dotted about, one of which is a hog with one ear, bought by my biggest son cos he knew I'd love it!
Oh to be able to grow Calla lilies! It's too cold and wet here - and you treat them almost like weeds!
I, too, like Creamsicle, but calling that name could sound a bit twee. I think 50 was the right choice. He's so cute.
You had me there with 'ET Brown'. I thought perhaps the grave of a long gone dog!
Oooh, rather a long comment but I loved this post. Well, I am a bit of a garden freak!

Bea said...

Oh, I LOVED that tour of the garden. First of all I think you should enlarge that photo of your pants and shoes because it's a great one to hand in your studio area. It just seems to represent the CHILD having so much fun with the camera.
I love your roses. Hmmm, I was thinking about a bag of metallic Easter eggs I saw in the drugstore for your hen! lol
What a great resting place for the old dear among the Naked Ladies. lololsnort
Wonderful, wonderful visual tour. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. You can tell your inner child was having a wonderful time.
You know, it's fun to see the inner child get a chance to really COME OUT and play. That makes me smile. :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Sherry, mmmm, push up sticks! Yes, but my favorite was the Bigstick! It took me forever to finish one off! I was too busy trying to eat one than to enjoy the beautiful colors of that frozen treat!
Gina, enjoyed reading your comment! I'm so happy you had fun walking along the garden with me.
Bea, thanks for starting me off on this "child quest!" I liked the photo of my pj bottoms and sneakers the best! Thanks for the idea. See, P.J.'s! The child was such in a hurry to get out all she did was throw on shoes to protect her soles from the morning dew! LOL!