Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blooming Color

It's off to the garden on this sunny Thursday afternoon. Don't let the spiderwebs scare you!

Mother Goose and I were trying to remember the name of this rose. I even turned to a couple of my trusty rose books. I'm sure it began with the letter "M" and like the letter "M" it's a mystery to me. LOL! Oh well, the roses are full and smell great.

Last season this rose bush was almost pulled out because it looked dead. You'd never know it by the looks of it now. I think it's a Queen Elizabeth. She was found 20 something years ago at a close out sale without a tag.

Meet Mirandy whose name should be Red Velvet because that's how she feels. Is there a rose called Red Velvet? Somebody start grafting!

This is my Gold Medal. Yes, I really have one and I got it back in 1987!

This is Tiny giving the Bottle Brush Tree a good scratch. Tiny was the runt of the litter 4 years ago and she's the soul survivor of the group. Goes to show that size really doesn't matter. well. LOL!!

Look at what the child found. A fossil! She wants to put a barrier around it just like the paleontologists!

The sun called me out this afternoon cause it was shining on spots of color. "YAY, MORE BLOOMS!" my mind cried. So off I went with the camera to capture bits of nature. If this is what winter's been looking like, I can hardly wait for spring. Oh wow, that's in a couple days!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Linda :) Your roses are just GORGEOUS!

Bea said...

I missed this post and I'm glad I came back to look at some of your old ones. I LOVE YOUR ROSES!!!
I have some climbing ones that are Wisconsin hardy. It's such a long wait to see them blooming on the fence. Seeing yours made my day! :)Bea

Stampmaiden said...

Thanks for the comments on my roses. I'll have to go out and shoot photos of the most recent blooms.

BT said...

Beautiful roses Linda. I love the golden yellow ones. Your little Tiny is gorgeous too. My daughter in law's cat Tiger was the runt of the litter and they said he wouldn't survive. Now he's HUGE!

Loving your blog.