Thursday, March 5, 2009

Artventurous Children

My daughter Gina and I were sad to hear that Sally's, the fabric store, is closing. It's been a part of the Fox Hills community for about 30 years. It survived competition with House of Fabrics when it was in the same mall and it managed to stand tall amidst trendy clothing shops. Like-minded people were always gathered together in Sally's either sitting down pouring through the latest Simplicity, McCall's, Vogue, Butterick, New Look, etc. catalogs, rummaging the clearance bins of buttons, walking in between bolts of fabric taking in the beautiful colorful patterns, textures and solids. Then the postcard arrived yesterday announcing that it is closing and having a 40% sale off everything in the shop. This is not a huge JoAnns type store. It's small and carries fabric, notions, patterns and yarn. Kind of like the basement fabric dept of Newberry's back in the day. We decided to see what we could get and also avoid the crazy crowds that have a habit of gathering on weekends despite the bad economy.

As soon as we entered Sally's we each grabbed a little plastic shopping bin and began searching for that special something that was awaiting us. I planned on hitting the yarn area but someone else had already been there leaving just the fluffy yarn and a few plain ones. Nothing wrong with either one they just didn't call me over to touch them. I headed toward the table with all the large swatches of upholstery fabric. SCORE! It's as though they were waiting for a good home and I could not beat the price. I went through the bin and managed to pull out 7 wonderful squares of fabric. Two are alike and I'm making a runner for a small side table we have. The rest will probably become something like the cover of a book or a tote. Not sure yet but I am sure about being very happy!

After we got home, Gina began to beat eggs, cream cheese, batter and more for her very first pot luck at work tomorrow. She signed up for cupcakes. LOL! BUT, these are not your average cupcakes. Nope. These are the kind that have a cream cheese filling and then topped with cherries and finally dusted with confectioners sugar. Like a child, I looked at them with great anticipation and I was tempted to take one while she wasn't looking but then she mentioned that she'd put one aside for me so I grabbed it and some milk. LOL!! It's like being a kid all over again I tell ya cause I'm sure I was using my child eyes while eye-balling those cupcakes!


BT said...

My name's Gina too! My Granny was Georgina but I didn't get the George. What a clever girl she is and my mouth was watering too. I'd love to have licked out the bowl best of all, as I did as a child.

In Ireland, where I live, it's so difficult to buy material at a reasonable price. What I'd give for the shop that's closing down. I'd be buying half the stock.

My younger son runs a bar in Marbella and wants all his cushions on the seating re-covering. To buy material here would cost far too much.

I love the patterns you chose.

Super blog

Stampmaiden said...

Hello Gina and welcome to my little corner of the world! Isn't it amazing how the costs of certain items can vary from one country to the other?
You know, I have to be honest with you. I took a little vanilla wafer (actually two but who's counting!) and I scraped off what was left in the cream cheese bowl and piled it onto my wafer. Talk about heaven and being a kid. LOL!
Thanks for visiting and hope you come back. The door's always open!

lk moonwood said...

Hi Linda, Mmmmmmm! These look so yummy! Want to swap a cupcake?
:D lulu

Stampmaiden said...

Oh lulu, you're so funny! I know you don't have any cupcakes left over and neither do we. LOL!!