Friday, January 9, 2009

Self Portrait Artventure

So much for my self-portrait effort. LOL! I may give it another try later. But for now, I'll have to settle for the one eyed woman. I have to confess. There are two eyeballs behind the big one but they were too close together and one pupil was actually larger than the other one. LOL! Now that I think about it, I'll skip giving it another try. I'm actually kind of happy with this one-eyed chick. LOL!

I did learn a couple things about my self-portrait attempt. 1. I need darker shades of flesh tone paints. 2. I should practice making curly hair. This is the kind of hair I wanted when I was in high school but now as an adult I'm quite happy with my au natural curly hair.

When it comes to self-portraits Frida is undoubtedly the best. Her art SCREAMED! It hollered PAIN! PASSION! SORROW! BASTARD!

The background on this journal page was created a couple years ago. Images were glued down in place and painted over. Stamped images were added. The Frida art below is a copy of a postcard I made for a Dia de Los Muertos swap I participated in.


Linda Woods said...

So funny!
But a self portrait need not really look like you! It could be anything! My self portraits are always pears. Wait, I DO look like a pear.

Stampmaiden said...

Linda, if you think one eye is funny, you should see what the two look underneath. LOL!
Pears? LOL!!!
Linda Forrest