Sunday, January 4, 2009

Past Journals Revisited

These pages are from a visual journal I assembled in one of Kelly Kilmer's class. If you ever take one of her classes you are in for a treat! She is extremely generous and does not believe in cutting corners when it comes to her class. LOL! Go to her blog cause she's doing an online course right now!

Journaling can be a form of therapy. I've suffered from anxiety attacks and more than once I was able to vent on my pages in an artful way. It's hard for others to understand the emotional roller coaster and fear that's experienced during an attack unless they've been there so rather than share it with others, it all went in my journal. It didn't stop future attacks from occurring but it helped to calm me down.
I found an article about letting your dreams happen and it all hit home. I had to glue bits of it into my journal. Another magazine with holes. LOL! My eyes are always open to interesting text to use in my journal. I like to "spring" my own comments off each bit.

I don't always use pics from an article or collaged images. Sometimes items around the house make interesting subjects and lead the way to a journal entry. In this case, my outdoor bench. Doesn't it make you wanna take a seat?

Although I'm not an exercise nut, I recently had an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Yoga. Meet Gina, my yoga instructor. She's actually my daughter and my body felt altered afterwards! In a good way. LOL! We're also going to try Tae-Bo! Now THAT I'm really looking
forward to. She was showing me some of her moves! Don't have a pic of that. LOL!!

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