Saturday, January 3, 2009

Journaling Artventures

Cutting words and phrases from magazines to use in my journals became a regular habit of mine. I found the best words came from rock music magazines. Very expressive.
If I found interesting images, I'd tear them out and save them in a giant envelope. My entries were anything from personal experiences to worldly issues.
This page is the beginning of my new journal. Don't know where it'll take me. Don't know what's to come but I'm ready. It's a little dark due to lack of daytime light.

I used to be really good about working in my journal every few days. Believe me, with my schedule, every few days was great. My eyes were trained to scan magazine pages for words, phrases, letters, and numbers that would be utilized for my visual journaling. I even wrote a tutorial for a group I once belonged to on how to get started on journaling. Then I let life get in the way and I stopped. I've dug up a blank journal and I'm going to start creating entries as often as I can. It may not be daily, but it'll definitely get done.


robin dudley-howes said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments. I love your journal work and the bold images you use. It's always nice to make new friends in blog land!

Stampmaiden said...

Robin, I was just checking out your etsy shop. Really cool stuff. OMG! Look at the time! Thanks for visiting my blog.