Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

I had a little time to sit and enjoy some coffee before heading out for my MRI this morning. The sun was out and I was in no mood for laying in a noisy tube. Sitting outside helped take this unwanted but much needed procedure off my mind. Thoughts of summers past crept into my mind. I could almost hear Raymond and Gina splashing in the little cheapie pool with the liner that would get patched several times before getting thrown away by summer's end. I saw myself pushing Gina on the swing watching her go higher and higher asking her if she could see her auntie's house a few miles away. LOL! I could hear the basketball bouncing on the patio before someone would take a shot in the hoop. I could see Raymond chasing Gina shooting her with the super soaker. I looked at the corner and thought about the picnic we had in the back yard one summer cause there wasn't enough gas in the car to drive to the park. Then I heard my husband call out that it was time to go and I was brought back to the present. Summers. Kids. Here today, gone tomorrow.


soulbrush said...

i feel a tone of poignancy and even sadness in this post. an mri- for what? hate those things....are you okay?

Bea said...

I'm holding positive, healing, calm thoughts for you while you are in your MRI and afterwards.
I hope this is nothing serious. Here's a gentle hug from Wisconsin for you.
((((((((((gentle hugs))))))))

Sherry Goodloe said...

MRI . . . e-mail me gf! And by the way . . . how's dad?

BT said...

I too hope this is nothing serious Linda. Hugs from Ireland. What a lovely, wistful post and such memories of your children. It was a delight to read.