Monday, July 13, 2009

Conventional Artventures

And so it began on a beautiful sunny day! It seemed that this day was on the mind of several more artistic souls who came in record breaking numbers compared to previous dates in recent years.

Sample boards are always filled with interesting rubber stamp art. I like the vintage feel of this Frida card. This sample was featured at Lost Coast Designs booth.

Here are the ATCs I received from the trade that took place during the rubber stamp convention. I wish I could take a picture of the mini frenzy that unfolds as swappers are trading but it's impossible since I'm a part of that frenzy as well!

I was very excited to read that Lost Coast Designs would be returning! I've purchased several stamps from this company in the past. This time around I purchased several Frida Kahlo unmounted stamps. Linda Malcom is the owner standing patiently behind the sign. I took advantage of this rare quiet moment to take a pic. Go to to get an eyeful of Linda's images.

I ran into a group of friends while checking the "prize board" outdoors. The weather was beautiful. From L - R, Pat (seated), Me, Sherry (from Ellie (my roomie from the Art Cruise in 2007), Jeri and Char (seated).

These are some creations by Tim Holtz. I like his stamping style and use of color. I like to visit him at to watch his demos. You can learn some great techniques from this guy.

Oh look! It's Alma and Anthony from The Cat's Pajamas! Don't they make a cute couple?! It was good to see Alma again. We used to trade cards at Stampin' From The Heart several years ago. You can get a better look of her swanky stamps at

Long lost vendors found once more! A gathering of friends! ATCs to
trade! Beautiful weather! What more could one ask for?


Teri C said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like just fabulous fun. Those cards are to die for! Wish I could have been there also. I like frenzy! lol

Sherry Goodloe said...

What more could one ask for???? Well, some FOOD would have been nice! I can't believe that I missed reading that on the website. I was wondering why everybody had those little zip lock bags of cookies and chips, and . . .

Well, I'm just happy that one of your friends was gracious enough to share her ginger snaps with me! Please thank her again for me when you see/talk to her!

It was soooo nice seeing you again :)

soulbrush said...

me too, teri, wish i could've been there, mind you it would probably have boggled my mind. how's your dad doing? there's an award for you on my blog today, special girl.

BT said...

Oh what a wonderful time you had Linda. I was so surprised at that photo of you. I didn't imagine you like that at all! Lovely hair you have. Those ATCs are just gorgeous, you certainly seem to have got the pick of the crop. I love the bird one with the eggs, but they're all fabulous. Oh what fun.